1. Meh. Found it on Amazon for $30 and on Groupon for $21. Pass.

  2. For the Amazon one the size is smaller 20g or 10g like they said and this one is 95g I did not look in Groupon. It seems to have good reviews I did not get a chance to go through them BUT I got it to see if it works on some scars I have!

  3. I feel called out. Just got my fab fit fun box today. I enjoy picking out the item and am pretty good about using them. It’s the only spending I’m allowing. I can’t add extras though.

  4. Lol, this year I did not get the only one I usually get which is the FFF Winter box for the blanket lol. I have been less interested in my boxes so, I am trying to just cancel them.

  5. The blankets are great. I bought an extra unhide one last year and I saw it in my closet today still unopened. I don’t know why I felt like I needed an extra one. I don’t have any other subscriptions and I’m not buying beauty products so I appreciate the dopamine I get from my one indulgence FFF.

  6. Lol, it took me a few months to open one I bought. I have gotten 3 over the years, but not all for me and I love them. One for me, one for my husband and one for my daughter. So soft! And the robe they had was good as well, it was not Unhide though. Oh I forgot the pillows lol, they were nice as well. FFF IS fun I just was always late getting the good add ons and would spend hours refreshing the page.

  7. Thank you, I bought it. Not sure if I would have if I had more time to think it over- but that's the joy in these right?

  8. I have seen it in Ipsy and Boxy but never got it before so I did this time, hopefully it is not expired or anything lol. It did seem that many people did like it and want it in the Boxy forums before.

  9. I added all 3 and shipping stood the same, let’s see what I get! I have many moisturizers as well, but I have not found “the one”. My face has been super dry this winter.

  10. They're canceling orders that included multiples - only one will be shipped out.

  11. I did not get anything about that yet. That’s what I expected though so, it will be a surprise for me! I could not choose and I did not see the firming one until now, but that is what I would have only chosen if I saw that one.

  12. I received the text as well at 4:10 PM EST and it is now sold out at 4:30 PM, lol. I am amazed it sold out since this is one item they offer a lot. I would not have gotten it anyway, lol.

  13. I actually got a message while I was checking out saying that I was in line to pay. I’ve never had that happen before. I did manage to score it though using Apple Pay.

  14. I got that message, but then x’ed it out and started again and was able to get it as well.

  15. I guess I am the only one that picked the K-beauty face masks on one account and the Rebelde eye liner on the other one.

  16. I still can’t in, the banner is there and the tab, but nada.

  17. You can get some Tatcha creams, but that's about it. Or maybe the brow pencil too. Nothing new, nothing as exciting as they had on the first round add-ons.

  18. Right! I still have some Tatcha from last time I purchased some and when I got something from their brand website and they gave a GWP with the cream as well. Maybe I won’t skip the next month and they hopefully have some good add ons again!

  19. I got this now “based on my purchase history”. I did not purchase anything after yesterday’s text.

  20. e925 says:

    Hey just fyi this isn’t really a glitch, you can do this every single time, you just never get the item, plus you always have to message them for a refund.

  21. Lol, that would be embarrassing! I don’t know why I called it a glitch since I have done it since the first time someone discovered this and I received mine. I will try to update in a couple weeks what happens.

  22. Do you have the link I would like to see the Addons? Thanks.

  23. Do you have the link I would like to see the Addons? Thanks.

  24. Thank you for the tip! I was waiting to pull the trigger on some low priced items, but with the Hot Tools and Philosophy cleanser on sale, I went for it. 2 GWPs, 113 points, plus an extra $9 cash bank will do quite nicely.

  25. This worked thank you!! I got $7.55 back for $68 purchase and my GWP ♥️

  26. I also got it, I need a new sleep mask and brighter skin in the morning - we shall see.

  27. I would upgrade to not receive the liquid iv

  28. Same lol, I don’t see any benefit of upgrading this time.

  29. May just do a points order with this stuff and the $80 gift. The deals and gifts are never this good on actual "perks" day. They make the thresholds for the big ones much more than $125 too now, so if I wait for that perfect gift at exactly $125 I'll have my points forever.

  30. Thank you! ETA: I saw this yesterday and was not interested, so I forgot, it is now out of stock just in case.

  31. I second this, I also use Privacy cards for practically everything.

  32. Thank you! I snagged the Wakeheart fragrance duo, and a lip balm duo. I wasn't going to check until tomorrow, so I appreciate the heads up and link :)

  33. I got the wake heart set since the notes sounded so nice! Also got he $5 tarte foundation set (I’ve been wanting to try the foundation for awhile)! Had other things in my cart but ultimately decided on just getting these two things! Very excited I’m hoping I’ll like them!

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