1. Beautiful girl. Gorgeous smile and so sexy 🥰

  2. Perfectly said. We all have totally different comfort levels and things which we are willing to do and not do.

  3. Thank you. I believe goofy is the key to a good life!!

  4. I stay out of those subreddits as I don’t believe that is where I belong and I’m ok with that. However- I’m told many times a day that’s where I belong. I’m constantly told I’m fat too curvy and need to lose weight. So yes while we need to stay in our lanes and I personally work hard to do so. It’s hard to know when we get so much hate about how we look (yea a lot of love too but plenty of hate)

  5. I just want to make sure nobody gets taken advantage of

  6. Dayum, that selfie is fierce! You're looking absolutely flawless!

  7. Just saw your post. You’re very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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