1. I think Garou would open a portal if that happened, but still funny.

  2. Surfer. He simply has too many powers, hax and and a wide array that he can use his abilities to disable Saitama. What Cosmic Garou can do with his strongest attacks, the Surfer can replicate with very little extertion.

  3. I would put Saitama firmly at Super Buu tier.

  4. Remember Kratos VS Baldur in the forest? It would look like that except waay faster and 100x more environmental destruction. The area would look like it had been hit by a nuke when it's over.

  5. One has actual feats while the other relies on mythos and lore to even put up a fight in the first place, neverminding his actual showings that are far less impressive. You pick.

  6. Finally, I've been waiting years for someone to color this panel!

  7. Saitama scales to small planet? How? He destroyed Jupiter with a SNEEZE, and that's a pretty big planet.

  8. GRB was confirmed in-verse to be star level, you could say planet level because of how small he is, but the density is highly likely to be equivalent to a star.

  9. He's universal yet gets shocked by Saitama sneezing Jupiter?

  10. I'd say planet to star level. Remember, he had to copy Saitama's power to compete with him, that wasn't his own power.

  11. That makes a lot of sense considering the Serious Punch2 feat and the Jupiter sneeze. Garou was absolutely horrified by that feat, yet very shortly before had accomplished a feat way more insane. I think that's because he can't produce that much power on his own. He's still very strong but Mode: Saitama is his trump card.

  12. How for many people, being gay, is their whole personality.

  13. Ther's also a subset of gay person that I call the incognito gay guy - A gay guy who nobody knows is gay (outside of the people they sleep with obviously), because they have no stereotypical gay mannerisms at all and also never bring it up or mention it unless you specifically ask them.

  14. Well not totally, he can get pretty steamed when anyone mentions his lack of hair. It’s like flipping on a switch.

  15. Touching his head seems to be the biggest berserk button. I've always wanted to see some guy poke Saitama in the head only for him to catch his hand and break it.

  16. It really doesn't have much besides being caught and then punched into oblivion by Asura. However, by Wyzen's size alone, it would have a width of thousands of miles and would be accordingly as heavy.

  17. Goku from the 2008 "Hey Son Goku and Friends Return!" special is the strongest Saitama can beat. The strongest version of Superman is probably any version where he's jobbing to things that should be nowhere near his level.

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