1. I'm a fat watery blob outside the gym, but as soon as I step in and start lifting, all the water gets portioned properly in my body and I look like a greek god. Muscles are hard, the body feels tighter, the skin feels good, and muscles are amazing.

  2. My brother in Christ, this is what a pump is lmao. This is the very first experience anyone who ever starts lifting experiences

  3. Well tbh, the 15 years I lifted naturally I was well aware of the pump and still am to a certain degree, but I was dryer naturally, less bloated. I think the additional water weight I've put on with taking Testosterone just makes me more squishy than usual (when I'm not lifting), I'll work my way down to 11% and see where I'm at then. I want to stay away from Winnie and Anavar to achieve the look when I'm not lifting. The fucking pump is amazing brother!

  4. Just watched an intro video, seems very simple thank you both

  5. You should be thankful you didn't say Salesforce. We've all been there, you're going to kill it and do amazing, good luck to you🔥

  6. Nah, no one knows how to make Salesforce work the way they want, so bullshiting there is easy. "Oh, weird, they must have rolled out a change because this totally worked the last time I set it up... " *everyone nods knowingly*

  7. Turkey bolognese “Just the Sauce”…. It’ll be missed dearly

  8. You should contact regular customer support and report the miss print. You should either get a refund or return it, but get a new copy either way. If the second copy has the same issue then you need to take a look at the images you used. Same issue twice means it’s probably not a print issue on their end.

  9. Nothing is a thing before it becomes a thing, how else does it become a thing, to begin with, if it was nothing?

  10. Why would you experience post injection pain in a site that… stay with me here… you didn’t inject?

  11. Good question, to clarify the pip is from an old injection area. So it's not just a random part of my arm. It's def placebo or phenomenon of some sort, I wouldn't make this up for shits and giggles, just interested and was curious if anyone had that experience before. I log every fucking thing down, physical, emotional, and mental, so I noticed this pattern and it caught my attention.

  12. It's a grey market, and looks legit, give it a go. You can always buy test kits (expensive) to see what type of test it is, and if its real.

  13. I Ve kept HCG "not recontotuited" at room temperature for 9 months, Is It still good once I ll put bacteriostatic water inside?

  14. Yes, as long as you haven't added the bac-water it's good. You can always test its potency using pregnancy test (the hcg)

  15. Can poor nutrition contribute to high e2 levels? In other words, if you keep yourself "stress-free" and eating healthy, vs eating like trash and being stressed, you would see a difference between those levels or not even much?

  16. Thank you everyone for your help, I was able to resolve the issue. I'm grateful to have help with nice folks, thank you.

  17. How do you change yourself without going from one extreme to another? I notice whenever I start to stand up for myself, those people who are used to "people pleasing" get mildly offended at my behavior, and primarily it's just due to holding my own ground where as usually I'm more submissive. I've changed nothing about myself, aside from no longer people pleasing.

  18. Well you answered yourself actually.

  19. Yes, but these people are conditioned to it, and they are my superiors, and my bosses or have leverage on me. When I stand up for myself, show them facts, and reverse the question, they are so surprised that they find my behavior to be offensive, not because I'm asking for anything unusual, it's just I went from saying yes yes to no, and here is the reason why, what are your suggestions, and that is enough to make them raise a flag.

  20. iMac's imo are one of the best bangs for bucks you can get. I have the Air, mini, and a few other ones and I love the iMac.

  21. Sorry I meant 100mg of cypinote a week with Injections. 50mg 2x a week: sun and wed.

  22. Total is 171 currently from my last labs 2 months ago. I was told it’s way below range for my age.

  23. Outside of my expertise, I would advice you to listen to your doctor, he/she keeping a close eye on your BP, and you should also keep a BP machine at home and check from time to time, don't obsess though, it's possible your body is simply adjusting.

  24. I was injecting hcg into my belly the other day and I noticed this sense of pressure when I was pulling the needle out, it almost felt like there was air pressure helping me push the needle out, and as I got closer to taking it out, it sort of pushed itself out (if that makes sense)

  25. When you saw a single set of footprints, it was when Jesus was carrying you.

  26. I sure hope so, my test pins weren't having it that day, I hit 2 nerves in a row, you can only imagine how I felt when it came time to HCG. Glad Jesus took the plunge.

  27. I always put the amount of air into the vial as what I'm going to draw, but as the volume lowers it's not working as well, do I need to put in more air?

  28. I'm having trouble drawing juice from my vials as the volume gets lower. I'm getting a lot of air, and I'm poking the vials too much. Do you have any suggestions or videos that can walk me through how to draw when my supply is running low? My needles are too long, so I'm not able to insert them all the way. It's quite challenging. Any advice would be appreciated.

  29. If you can get HCG, dont ever go to Clomid. Its hard to get in FL these days -

  30. Why is it hard to get, I don't understand? My doctor is in FL and I get all my gear from there.

  31. About 18months ago, maybe more, the FDA banned compounding of gonadotropin fertility compounds such as hCG, calling them “biologics” and requiring an FDA approved Biologics License Application. So a lot of compounding pharmacies stopped compounding them. Others do it but not under a proper license. So it’s just harder to get right now. Or your source may be a lil fugazi.

  32. Doctors these days be like "woah 600 total test, that's a little higher then I like to see. Don't want you turning into Ronnie Coleman!" :)

  33. I once had 300 Test and asked my doctor if he can consider TRT as I worked out every day for the last 10 years at that time and was having trouble gaining muscle, emotional, fog minded...and he just lost his shit, wouldn't even let me retest to see if the numbers were correct even if my insurance covered it. I never understand how a doctor who is so "passionate" about the health of his clients can be such a dick. But that's when I woke up.

  34. can your body ever get used to long-term HCG and Test injections so that you have to increase the dose over time? Just curious.

  35. If that was a thing, your body would "get used" to its own Testosterone, which doesn't happen.

  36. Why though? The body does adapt to most things especially medication. How is it any different and why? Just wanting to learn

  37. I've been on Test-C for a while now, love the gains and strength boost at the gym, feeling pumped is amazing. I wish I can look that way all the time, but that's another story, just happy to make gains.

  38. Except with HCG right? It really does go bad / lose its potency after 60 days when mixed?

  39. Almost all reconstituted peptides will lose potency in a matter of a few months, which is just a factor of their chemical structure.

  40. I don't know man, mine smell like baked goods most of the time, they're clean, they just smell like bread, so I'm ok with it. My balls are huge on Hcg though. I wish they invented cologne just for your balls, I could go for a nice cinnamon twist smell once in a while, or something more seasonal

  41. Inject more air than your dose into the vial, then just fight the pull until you get your dose amount

  42. I always have this sense of fear that the glass is going to burst all up in my eyes, does the air pressure ever concern you? I notice the pressure the most when I'm getting ready to pull bacteriostatic water when I inject the air or at least try to prior to drawing.

  43. Yes. but you have to understand its a comfort thing. You weren't always meant to be comfortable, in life, we have to be a bit uncomfortable to progress, weed fulfills the requirements of having the need to socialize with others, and it puts you in a comfort state. it sucks man, I LOVE weed, but I had to set up ground rules for it to work in my lifestyle, and I hope you find some peace in yours.

  44. I see some of your responses, so it's as easy as buying an unlimited data plan that provides a sim card and then swapping it? Isn't the Nokia modem locked to the sim?

  45. Do you know if tmobile can lock the devices if you don't return the unit? This opens up other possibilities for the device, but good to know, thank you.

  46. I just don't understand the stigma. If my boyfriend is not around when I have a day off, I love going to a diner by myself for an hour.

  47. People place their own insecurities and fears onto others, when they see others dining alone, they try to fill in the blanks, given the American culture we live in, it's common for people to be insecure about doing things alone. You need xyz to be happy or do abc that's what they have been conditioned to think. Meanwhile, whenever I'm in Japan, no one gives shit, its common to eat alone whenever and wherever. They even have seating designed for it. Environment and culture are totally different.

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