1. Tried it once....not a fan, so I can see why it's being unloaded.

  2. Agreed. meh, not a fan. Not bad, but not great. Labeling sold me as most things do with TJ

  3. Is never going to be as good as AppleCare+

  4. I just hear Costco's warranty is really good. I'm not saying AppleCare isn't great, I have AC, but what's wrong with Costco offering a 2-year warranty, there is VALUE in that.

  5. Fuck that, even when I had a 2013 MBP it was a beast, Happy with all the M1's I have now, but never regret what apple provided in the past.

  6. I wish I knew more about this to help you, but I think it's such BS that the casino makes a new rule where you have a blue card member to eat there. Why would they do that, they would essentially lose more customers. I don't understand.

  7. I can never find anything you guys all post in this sub. The anxiety of how packed the stores are doesn't give me much time to slowly wander around. How do you do it?!

  8. I've been eating like shit these last few days. Pray for me brothers for I have sinned

  9. What goes through your mind when you're lifting and listening to music? What do you focus on?

  10. I have a Brita I stick in the fridge. I make coffee and food but don’t drink right from the tap.

  11. Dude, I have a box of filters, and It's been like 6 months since I've replaced the filter. thanks for reminding me. Good water, however a lot of calcium though, the build up in coffee machines and fridge water kind of suck, I have a hard time cleaning it.

  12. Silly question is there a good SNES emulator for M1 Macs? Don’t have much interest in Switch but I’d like to try a SNES one!!

  13. Life is full of ups and downs and I find that the ups outnumber the downs. Despite being homeless, despite the heartache, the cold, the sore joints, being ignored by "normal" people... I still can find wonder, pleasure, and love in my life. I am grateful for all the people I have met, the meals shared, the stories and jokes and the hugs and breaking down in tears.

  14. Wow man, I’m just so blown away by your outlook in life. Thank you so much for sharing

  15. Yep, you can lift and workout all you want but you can't outdo a fucking bad diet. It's ok to slip up once in a while, focus on the end goal and adjust. Figure out how to always make things work in a way where you don't feel like you're holding yourself back from enjoying anything.

  16. They will continue to charge you for storage on a daily basis. They will continue to bill you and the longer it goes the more you owe. There's no getting out of it. They will go after your wages forward to a collection agency, ruin your credit and continue charging storage fees the whole time. You need to settle this ASAP.

  17. This. I hate to say it man, but towing companies are shady AF so you need to handle it as this person suggested. I believe there is a way to abandon the car properly but I'm not sure of the specific steps, but don't ignore this it will come back and bite you in the ass.

  18. I would put in 500 or 600 just to be on the safe side

  19. I want to believe this isn't staged

  20. They should make a poster out of that saying, like x-files, but has the TikTok Logo.

  21. Bro we can't read "full story' because they make you download the app.

  22. u think it’ll roast good in a air fryer?

  23. Yes! I started doing this primarily out of being lazy, but those broccoli were so damn delicious when they came out of that air-fryer, i suggest it

  24. Tamago sando? Yeah that one was depressingly realistic. Not even a hint of a happy ending for either protagonists.

  25. You can adjust the session time on the solo2 and keep coming back till it’s done.

  26. Can you elaborate on the session time you're referring to, is that a setting? And if so, how does it work exactly? For instance when I'm done smoking, do you suggest I turn it off. When I start it again, should I go at a higher temp then last time?

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