1. An air fryer is an oven. Big oven has just convinced everyone to have 2 ovens in their home now. Ridiculous

  2. This is so middle class but my folks have an aga and with these hot summers they could absolutely do with two ovens in their home, one of which doesn’t pump out 20 degrees all day

  3. Yeah it works the other way too, I am in some left wing circles and there’s always a few in them who are basically there because they don’t want anyone to have more than them.

  4. Was hoping to wear a backless top to a gig tonight but my bra strap adaptor hasn't turned up - how bad is it to be wearing a bra that shows??

  5. If you sign up to their email alerts you’ll get notified when it’s released. I did it for a journey in November and got emailed about 20 days before.

  6. People upvoting this but not commenting so I'll chime in with a few questions OP.

  7. Spices and herbs, seasonings, sauces - things to make things taste good. My go-tos are a fajita mix, za'ater, baharat, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, coriander, cumin, paprika, chilli flakes, peri peri mayonnaise, chicken and veg stock cubes, capers, passata and anchovies. I also make my own preserved lemons which are super easy and make everything taste amazing.

  8. I learned of her when listening to a podcast where the guests discussed sound-alike songs. I'm a sucker for anything late-70s/early-80s with a Doobie Brothers, Captain & Tennille kind of charm, so Sylvia quickly became a fixture on my extremely yacht-rock tinged 'Easier Listening' playlist on Spotify.

  9. Ooo whats the podcast called? Sounds good

  10. Curious about the science behind this. Lived in Canada with no problem walking to school in a snowstorm, now I'm in Southern US and need a sweater if the room is drafty

  11. Acclimatisation too, I lived out in the Middle East for a bit and would walk to the shops in jeans at 40 degrees. Would come back here to visit and would need my thermals when it was 10 degrees, I couldn’t stop shaking, the UK felt like the coldest place on earth and I had no idea how people lived here.

  12. The birds singing is an underrated point. Waking up on a spring morning and hearing the chatter sets your mood up for the day

  13. Janet Jackson played a character named Penny on the TV comedy “Good Times.” In one of the episodes, we learn that Penny was being abused by her mother. She was most likely being abused by her father in real life when this story arc took place. It’s heartbreaking.

  14. I think Janet, being the youngest, probably escaped any of the serious abuse her other siblings had.

  15. I did not mind Lea in the original run. She had a certain healthy confidence and perspective that I appreciated. I think Alexia and Adriana are the "elder stateswomen" now, though. Maybe as a "friend of" but I don't see her fitting into the current cast.

  16. Yeah I liked Lea when I first watched, and then Joe Francis popped up and then all the Epstein stuff and just no. I can’t handle anymore Bravolebs with shit morals, it’s ruining the franchises for me.

  17. One of my takeaways from the first episode was that this would be Robyn’s season. The sudden turnaround gave me a sore neck.

  18. I liked her sticking up for Chris but now she’s doing too much

  19. I think her sticking up for Chris was just fake and only playing “ good cop” for the cameras.

  20. Thats true, it was an excuse to go and tell everyone else while appearing to be the good guy

  21. I got one for my SIC and she hates it haha

  22. That little "stray" is gaming the system, every week a new tourist to feed him calamari

  23. Yeah ime they also get looked after by hotel staff because they keep the rats down/away, while also keeping tourists entertained. So they aren’t really ‘stray’ strays.

  24. I think definitely ask the nurse, they could probably refer you to a clinic or give you a number to call to book yourself in (they did that for me when they couldn't fit mine). I am surprised the receptionist just said no and didn't give you any other advice though!

  25. No, I moved in 2019 in UK just before the pandemic closed everything and lived off my savings for 2 years. Things started picking up since things re-opened. Now I'm in the middle of tours and still discussing contracts. Not sure I make enough to warrant an accountant though. I'm successful, but I'm still a freelance artist!

  26. If you don’t make enough to warrant an accountant that suggests you don’t make enough to pay tax, ie your earning under the tax free allowance. Which is probably why you can’t find someone to rent a whole place to you.

  27. Oh I do pay taxes. I also pay taxes in 2 countries because when I work abroad the A1 document never comes in time (including one time I asked it 3 minth is advance and it STILL arrived after I completed the contract and been paid. In France taxes are deducted directly from the contract, so there was nothing I could do beside declaring I already paid taxes abroad on my tax declaration).

  28. I’m saying you probably do earn enough to warrant an accountant. If you don’t have the documentation to prove how much you earn then you aren’t going to be able to rent somewhere.

  29. I would definitely say. My gran was struggling and we would all visit pretty much daily and she was well looked after, but we knew her mind was starting to wander. It wasn’t until a neighbour told my dad that she had found her walking about lost outside that we realised how bad it actually had gotten and kick started us getting her proper care beyond what we could offer.

  30. One of the first people who noticed my grandmother had alzheimer's was her regular taxi driver who noticed she started asking to be taken to an old address she hadn't lived in for years.

  31. Missus is veggie, and honestly the quorn chicken nuggets are fucking amazing.

  32. They’re my guilt free hangover meal. A bowl of those with some dip and lots of salt and pepper.

  33. Puts the TV into ‘sports mode’. Turns on smooth motion, vivid colour and increased contrast. My old Sony Bravia did this too.

  34. Yeah, I have it and it’s not that great. Premier League football is produced in a way which is already enhances the game compared to other sports. So this just ruined the experience.

  35. He’s definitely the coolest of her exes. Also just seemed like an all around great guy!

  36. He seems super happy with Zawe Ashton, I like him with Taylor but you can tell he’s found his one with Zawe

  37. Now this is NOT allowed in Qatar and having lived there he should know it

  38. I remember last season everyone saying she was a breath of fresh air and carrying the season. She’s been too much since she came on. I really hope she gets the boot at the end of thus.

  39. I also got mine for free and she has a similar modification to her ear. Best model yet - it's madness that people get rid of perfectly working SICs, I tell everyone 'can you believe I just found her on the street' (none of them can)

  40. It’s pure speculation, but James Hewitt, Diana’s riding instructor.

  41. The ginger hair was the source of much speculation, but Dianas brother (Lord Spencer) is ginger and regardless 40% of brits have a recessive ginger gene from our celtic roots. Aside from that Harry looks as much like a Windsor as his brother.

  42. Check out younger pictures of Prince Phillip, he and Harry look identical.

  43. Yeah I actually think there’s more Spencer in William than Harry. When you see pictures of Diana and Lord Spencer William holds himself in a similar way.

  44. I'm feeling the opposite, seems like everyone has gone Christmas bonkers and far earlier than usual. Most people I know have got their tree up already, some having done it in November and everywhere seems to be heaving with people doing Christmas things, shopping etc.

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