1. I mean, do what makes you happy. But you will probably struggle with finding and holding an audience if you habitually walk away from the computer. I personally wouldn't want to watch someone stare blankly at a screen while eating and listening to a podcast.

  2. I had no idea. Happy Unification Day, Italy!

  3. If you think I am a massive cunt, wow, you are not prepared for reddit. You should go.

  4. Texas continues efforts to make sure no one has fun.

  5. Does anyone have a guide similar to this, but it with all of the asian languages?

  6. Bad guide, correct % is zero. Pay people a proper wage.

  7. Schumer already accepts the realities of Ukraine and what they are going through, why would he need to visit to face reality with his own eyes?

  8. So why would McCarthy go? I don’t see much daylight between the 2 leaders here.

  9. Masturbate. I need a clear head.

  10. when did that ever give anyone a clear head ?

  11. Post-nut clarity, my friend.

  12. It's an insult to redditors who's knowledge of firearms safety basically extends to trigger discipline and nothing else and will call out or attempt to call out anyone who appears to have bad trigger discipline regardless of any legitimate reason to not have it.

  13. I'm curious, what are the legitimate reasons to have bad trigger discipline?

  14. Glad I sold my Tesla stock.

  15. If you put it that way, sure. But the most buffling thing for me is that you have to beg some people not even from your village to build a small store on YOUR LAND. Oh my God, he is selling shirts there! How dare he sell shirts on HIS PRIVATE LAND without asking some random old farts who don't even live there for what they think?! All the inspections passed, all authorities are okay, local farmers are eager, people need jobs - but nah, you have to get approval from random local "authority" on what they think. No, you are not breaking any laws, you just can't have anything built on YOUR LAND, even a fucking shed, without the whole village and the whole region agreeing. Like, what the fuck?

  16. Only the government owns land, you just think you do.

  17. I hope they use humane traps.

  18. They are biased against you because of the... Well, because of all the war crimes, dear. It's probably all the war crimes.

  19. If that was the case many western European countries and the US would get the same treatment

  20. Okay? I'm not opposed to that.

  21. Wait, determine npc mortality? How so?

  22. That was 6 years ago man, I don't remember anymore.

  23. So? How many viewers does fox news have? Popularity does not equal trustworthiness.

  24. We wouldn't say "missing", necessarily...

  25. Vio_ says:

    He also got promoted to their head writing coordinator (or basically head writer, the title keeps floating).

  26. That's great, where did you hear about that?

  27. Why would something generally consequence-free ever stop?

  28. 0tus says:

    Yep you were definitely the douche in this interaction.

  29. You dusted off a 7 year old conversation just to share this highly insightful bit of wisdom? You must not have much to do in your life. I hope things get better for you.

  30. Is he praying real hard, or is there a doctor helping him?

  31. No, catholicism. Did you think white people were somehow immune to this level of idiocy?

  32. The experiment continues: How many dead russians until swan lake plays?

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