1. Tried this with P4 cast. Here are the results:

  2. What's with the two Akechis? Or is that a spoiler? I've just started 2nd semester.

  3. Also tartarus floor 110 forgot to mention that

  4. That was a brand new game, this is an slightly enhanced port of an almost 3 year old game, like i know it's good but it's not 300 bucks good.

  5. SF6 Ryu by a mile, they finally changed his design from SF2 and honestly i really like it, dude looks badass as hell.

  6. but there's a campaign, arcade, and a survival mode with a roguelike buff menu, not sure why you're saying there's nothing

  7. That is the bare minimun, well a bit more since the survival mode has an actual difference to your average run of the mill survival mode to make it stand out from your average survival mode.

  8. the cutscenes we've seen have character models and dynamic animations in a visual novel style, along with artwork

  9. Well yeah, but that's in the story which let me remind you, likely has no gameplay, im talking about how we have not seen any arcade mode cutscenes.

  10. Probably cause she wasn't a DLC S1 character and isn't a DLC S2 character. She'll show up in the story when they want to sell you on buying her DLC.

  11. April was in the season 1 story, she meets none of your requirements.

  12. Just release it on other stuff already capcom.

  13. God damn can we just talk about that sync?

  14. ww2 could have been prevented if hitler's mom had aborted him

  15. A time traveler going back in time to shot baby hitler would be more likely.

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