1. gangplank is the good guy in the bilgewater story, change my mind,

  2. Gangplank started as a morally ambiguous person, but working in a god forsaken city like bilgewater made him a monster... Because a monster is the only thing capable of keeping order in Bilgewater.

  3. Sylas is a terrible man made such by an equally terrible system. Thing is, if you think he's attacking Demacia's hierarchy specifically, then you've not understood what he's doing: Sylas think ALL of the non-mage Demacians are worthless, and has no qualms murdering civilians and peasants as well as shown in the comics.

  4. Ryze is the one who can stop the darkins, and he need the runes for this, it is not like saving the world wasn't his lore

  5. if we're really getting into eve is ace because she does it to fuel her demon powers, not out of lust

  6. then this is about being "omnivorous" rather than sexuality : ^ )

  7. Lorekeeper Skai'en on his way to Shurima to meet Azir and explain him why Xerath is objectively the better man between the two of them (he was an oppressed victim so he has all the rights to be considered the hero of the story)

  8. With all due respect, I think there is a very clear difference between thinking Xerath was the actual hero of the story and thinking that Xerath was forced into being the villain of the story despite the problematic implications of making a slave the bad guy, the latter opinion being what Skyen actually thinks

  9. While i disagree with Skyen's view, I definetley don't think that he is dumb enough to think that people like Xerath or Sylas "did Nothing wrong". As GammaRhoKT pointed out, the joke is about thinking that there is something wrong with allowing victims to become villains.

  10. "If i had a penny for each time one of my plans to stop Mordekaiser either failed or backfired miserably, I would be the richest person in Noxus by now"

  11. Is Morde with us rn? Is he free? Taking over the world? No! Does not seem like failed plans after all!

  12. Skarner after the entirety of his race gets retconned out of the lore :

  13. my boy got the "You clearly don't own an air fryer" smug look

  14. on one hand : I want to see Jarvan grow up after a complex story arc and thrive against the Mageseekers tiranny and Sylas sadistic plans, while I also want to see Sylas gain his revenge against the mageseekers order.

  15. I'd follow a talking bird too if he could turn me into Egyptian Godzilla

  16. It seems that In runeterra "force of will" is some sort "conceptual force" that actually exists and essentially allows you to follow this "rule of cool"

  17. The only actual complaints I've seen around are about what the voice actor tweeted. K'sante is clearly not "the first" black LGBT character,

  18. To be fair, Vayne is much more similar to a Witcher than a Hunter from the monster hunter franchise

  19. Well of course because Garen is a filthy s t r a i g h t white male

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