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  1. Dont mess around with alcohol a lil bit here and there isnt good but its better than drinkin 2 bottles straight and wakin up in the hospital, after that i just dropped that shit straight away

  2. I am based on all levels born in eastern europe live in Ireland lifes good

  3. She started dating my best friend then the fealings j kinda faded

  4. I really hope this will be continued but if not it was great

  5. Shuch a wonderful daily fealing many of us are to familiar with

  6. I was called a gentleman by bossman in kebab store 2 years ago still remember it to the day

  7. They pretty cool but often one of the reasons for my sadness but all in all pretty cool

  8. If its true that it was for human trafficking then good but he did have like just a few good points not many but a few

  9. Thats how ppl like Andrew trick his audience. First you say dumb shit to get attention, then you sprinkle in some obvious things so that people are like “ok this guys not THAT bad” which is bs

  10. Going back in time to change something changes nothing because if you go back to your current timeline after changing a certain thing in the past you will never have had to go back to change it therefore you never went back

  11. Is this sadistic beauty? Atleast i belive that was the name of it

  12. God damn bro how am i even ment to compete with that Jokes aside tho all of this wonderful and i wish u the best in the future and i hope u have an amazing wedding

  13. Oh i didnt know there was blowers in unbound thats really cool

  14. There aren't, these are kits left from Heat that are still in the files and not used for some reason

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