LPT: Don’t drive yourself mad trying to “live life to the fullest.” There is nothing wrong with a life filled with ordinary and comfortable days, with the occasional adventure mixed in. If you can, try and find joy in the small moments, it will quickly remind you what a full life you already have.

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  1. Sounds like your setup is working. I am not sure I understand the issue.

  2. I assumed remote connections meant anyone could access my server. I.e. It meant I was opening it to the world. I'm starting to think my assumption was wrong. So what does Jellyfin define as a remote connection? I thought by using Tailscale the jellyfin server would automatically accept the tailscale ip as being part of my local LAN.

  3. I think you still do need to enable it. My understanding was just unclear, but I think I'm starting to get it now. Your guide is still valid as far as I can tell. Thanks for replying.

  4. By "normal half size" bracket, are you referring to a low profile bracket?

  5. I built a haunted house in college with my friends and I just feel like that added an extra level of creep for me. Just long hours alone in rooms surrounded by fake scary stuff.

  6. I love how you casually say you built a haunted house in college!

  7. I’m not. I used to work at the Bennigan’s that was across from the Art Institute. That place was consistently pretty packed for both lunch and dinner. Just because it’s a chain doesn’t mean people won’t eat there. Bennigan’s was primarily tourists and suburbanites and some of the busiest days were oddly enough during the Taste of Chicago.

  8. My wife and I had our first date at that Bennigan's. It was our spot for a number of years. We were sad to see it go. The ribs are still some of the best I've ever had...How was it working there?

  9. I've seen all these movies except for: 19, 41, and 46. Hmm. I'm gonna make a mini goal to watch them this October. They are on the list!

  10. Gonna finish The Wailing, which I started last night, but its a long movie. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I've ever watched a horror movie that hit the 2:30 mark.

  11. What did you have to do for the phone configuration?

  12. Movies are only one form of telling stories. And for the person watching movies, it’s the lowest tier of story telling. Sure, humans still need distraction, but movies are a symptom, not a solution, of an overstimulating, artificial environment.

  13. If you don't mind, can you explain why you feel this way? What do you think is the highest tier of storytelling?

  14. Poweramp. I've used it for years and have no complaints.

  15. I disagree somewhat. I'm not saying GRRM is the pinnacle of fantasy prose but he did write some of the most quotable lines in all of fantasy*. I've recently read all of stormlight and I can't even give you one great line. Everything Sanderson writes you can take at face value. This is okay when writing action scenes because it gives me a clear image at what Kaladin is doing and that's useful since most of the story is about people doing cool stuff within the ruleset Sanderson came up with. But with GRRM there are whole character arcs where you can discuss what really happened because it's left ambiguous. That's technically a lot harder imo.

  16. I agree that Sanderson's prose isn't the best, but I've always felt he shines when it comes to the character of Wit.

  17. I like to remember that we are just large mammals and think about how other big mammals spend a good portion of their day. The big cats laze around taking naps like any cats do, apes sit around grooming and eating for hours upon hours, wolves go on long walks. Nothing wrong with just existing to exist.

  18. I love that way of thinking and I don't think (at least I hope I don't) I'll ever forget it.

  19. I disassembled everything and cleaned all the plastics with soap and water and a toothbrush. The electrical connections and motherboard I cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

  20. Do you use a toothbrush or q tip with the motherboard?

  21. Ive been searching for Eternal Darkness for a reasonable price for so long! Just cant find one, Great collection bro.

  22. I just started the search last month, but I feel your pain. $100 for a 20 year old, used, scratched game is scandalous.

  23. I blaim Dkoldies, they sell it for 160 dollars thats mad bro.

  24. I'm hoping to run into it in the wild one day at a garage sale and it's just in a box with other games, dvds, and cds and that box is labeled $2.

  25. When Marge first joined the police academy, I thought it was going to be fun and exiting, like that movie Spaceballs, but instead it was sad and depressing, like that movie Police Academy.

  26. What do you mean there's no evidence? There's a garage full of counterfeit jeans in their... Lookin good boys. Lookin good.

  27. "I'm gonna rock this thing!" "I'm gonna do this Cleen Rock One style!"

  28. You didn't make clear what you intended to spend this money on. Did you mean to reinvest it? Not sure you could do better than leaving it where it is, especially right now when the market has taken a dip and you'd lock in some losses. Give us a little more detail if you can.

  29. Sorry for the lack of detail. I would be using the money to cover my expenses.

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