1. When you say evil do you mean Osborn being completely aware and putting on that rubber mask without the alter? Or do you mean the green demon that leaps around ny and throws fireballs instead of pumpkin bombs/1610?

  2. Honestly i always Wonder what would have happend if Bakugou lose that fight

  3. Emiya's a great choice, he's got those twin blades, that could transform into a bow and a semblance that allows him to copy weapons with his aura. I think he might actually be a bit of a bad influence on Ruby. A nice guy who's great in the kitchen but a little too eager to throw himself at Grimm.

  4. I'm writting a Crossover Fic between Spider-Man and MHA, altho it those have elements and Characters of marvel that aren't from the Spiderverse.

  5. Ruby - She can dash herself into bunch of petals, but what if she can also create thorns, that way she can make more damage.

  6. Penny should have stayed dead after Volume 3 permanently.

  7. I agree and disagree, yes i think that the penny we see in vol 3 should have stayed death, i would have been cool to see a Penny 2.0 with no memories of what happend in vol 1-3 so she is to some extent another person.

  8. He will ascend into a Jaune that has surpassed the limits of a normal Jaune and into the realm of legend.

  9. I... to this point who knows, if she did kiss someone that someone was probably killed by her so...yeah

  10. I think that the final boss will be her right after they defeat Salem

  11. I mean it most probably be with Ruby's silver eyes, but other than that we don't know.

  12. Not really since RYV happends in a world where Civil War didn't happend

  13. Jaune is hilariously more closer to Emiya except we don't know exactly how Jaune ended havign a worse start.

  14. La tipa es una chica que aparece en la primera película de Naruto Shippuden: La muerte de Naruto.

  15. No hubiera sido mala opción, aunque cualquier persona es mejor que Hinata

  16. I think that a good way to do it should be right after his first fight with Bakugou, maybe the teachers put Bakugou in anger management clases afterthat incident, while Izuku tries to proces what just happend, he almost died, Bakugou almost killed him, maybe that wasn't his intention but he almost did killed him and if it wasn't because of a little bit of luck he would be dead, i think at that point he will know that Bakugou doesn't want to be his friend.

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