How to cope with an $838,000 loss

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  1. I dried half my plants in a wine cooler. Just added a fan at the bottom and opened the door once a day. Worked fine. Ideal is what you make it IMO

  2. Don’t know anything about them as I’m new to this sub. But posts like this is why I think I’m here. Super cool.

  3. The thing to remember is that just because they are “shiny” doesn’t necessarily mean they are in better shape than others. Also, you can have an ugly, barely recognizable 1893 S dollar coin that would be worth more than this one ever will…

  4. That makes sense. This one just seemed to not be nearly as “worn” I guess. Most of the seemingly OG detail still intact. Thanks for the input.

  5. Well it's a 1921-D Morgan. There is some toning which is good. The devices and all that fun stuff are clear. You got a lot of scratches on the coin though. I think overall it's a nice looking coin.

  6. Yeah, it was in a ziploc full of other silver dollars. Some back to the 1870’s. Figured they should come out of there

  7. Yeah sorry about that what I was trying to say is that in the pic is rooster and the hen which I didn't show has done this to the rooster


  9. WW2 Hawaiian Dollar, it was used to prevent the Japanese from inflating the US dollar after the Pearl Harbor attack

  10. Well he was stationed in Hawaii for quite sometime so that makes sense! Thanks!

  11. Every deer is a trophy, a lot of people go without, you can't eat the antlers

  12. You passed a non trophy. Good job- if that was your intention.

  13. “The thing i love about these high school girls… is i get older- and they stay the same age.”

  14. I'm stuck at 27k average i made a pledge that I'll buy again at 15k, at the time it seemed impossible. Now here we are...

  15. Buy all the way down to 4k! Woooo hooo!

  16. It's the polymerization of carbon from the oil. Once you wipe it all off you can reseason your griddle again and repeat the process until you accept that there is nothing you can do about it but stop doing that.

  17. I’ve never read anything more accurate in the past decade. Well done.

  18. More like before my captors gets caught for trafficking

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