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Hope to make it to the other side.

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  1. Do you really need to post this in a physics subreddit to find answers?

  2. Woo that image scale is going to be tough. You may be well focused and still get bloated/soft stars from the seeing.

  3. Yeah Im thinking of saving up for the 533mc. The problem is I just bought the eq8 and am broke.

  4. 2.9 micron pixels with 1200mm focal length is quite high resolution (0.5 arcseconds per pixel). You're resolving a lot of atmospheric turbulence at that image scale which is going to make stars look bloated. You may also be over-exposing the star which is also going to make it look bloated.

  5. SharpCap polar alignment is already pretty quick. Set it up more or less using a compass and then use SharpCap. You should be doing that with a polar scope anyway if you want to do exposures longer than a few minutes.

  6. Omg, I can literally count all the frames in this vid on my fingers

  7. People making their game look overly bright, oversaturated and disgusting in exchange for playing at 3fps. What a deal!!!

  8. Za openprof težko rečem, ker sem samo za fiziko gor gledal in mi ni bil kaj prida uporaben.

  9. Torej je zadosti razlag/snovi za zdelat odličen? (S dodatnim delom in vajo seveda)

  10. Ja to gotovo ampak a je na astri VSA snov, ki se lahko pojavi na testih?

  11. The avx is frankly a terrible mount. One of the worst. The scope on the other hand is great. If you can get an HEQ5 instead of the avx you can have a nice imaging rig(with guiding ofc)

  12. Disagree about the mount. Checkout my profile and you’ll see what you can do with it. You just have to avoid overloading it. For the money, it’s one of the best mounts out there.

  13. HAHAHAH "oNe oF tHe BeSt m0uNts OUt tHer3" CUH YOU ARE USING A REDCAT 71. IT HAS 350MM OF FL. GET yo planetary gearbox motors out of here man... 2.2"/pix LLLLLLLL

  14. Please people STOP USING TOPAZ. It’s terrible. Use noiseX!!!

  15. I disagree. So much more control over noise reduction in Topaz.

  16. Yeah and look how the images turn out… zoom in as well

  17. The exact same thing is happening to me. I was good at math and now suddenly I can to anything of value.

  18. Got some amazing detail there. Especially for a budget camera. Great work!

  19. Looks great! FYI no need for a polar scope if you have NINA or Ekos (or, I think, sharpcap). Get your mount level, dial in your elevation, point (true) north using a compass and your dec, then you can dial it in with three point alignment. Enjoy and share some photos.

  20. Its been horrible trying to connect the pulsar2 controller to NINA and get it working properly. I just can’t do it.

  21. Dang. Well, the new setup looks sweet. Be sure to share some pics.

  22. It’s top tier. I virtually don’t see any difference in screen quality with/without the protector.

  23. I’ve had spigen screen protectors on since the X and haven’t noticed a difference. They are super clear and super responsive.

  24. Is that the roof of a building? While probably not a source of the long term error it can't help. Building vibration and flexure will impact things.

  25. I think I'd try your luck on Cloudy Nights with this question as you're much more likely to find expertise there.

  26. Posted on CN already. Waiting for a response. No-one at my local observatory knows anything about my problem:(

  27. In kako je kaj kar se tiče bolečine? Od nekaterih slišim da je grozno, drugi pa pravijo da ni skoraj nič čutit?

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