1. My baby hog is the same way, anytime she even gets a whiff of my existence 😂

  2. This is our ~3 month old, 10g hognose. We feed him 1 F/T pinkie every 5 days. Is this enough? He downs the pinkie no problem. Can I give him 2? Or fed him more often.

  3. You could do every 4 days at the very least, but it honestly sounds like you already have a good feeding regimen.

  4. I grabbed a few strains from klutch, lemon slushee, orange 43, and white truffle. All were extremely dry and smelled like mold, I didn’t even try the orange 43. The lemon slushee made me feel sick. I’ve had these before and they were great, but now I’m questioning what condition they are growing these in to ruin MULTIPLE batches so bad. Every single one has the same mildew stench to it.

  5. Another thing too that worked with my ball who was only fed live, she DEFINITELY prefers her rats heated up to body temperature of a rat. (Which isn’t much warmer than us in the 90 degrees range) my other bp who was never fed live will eat any temp rat just like a boa would lmao. I just think since ball pythons have heat pits they can be a bit more sensitive to temperature , I’ve had a ball python strike and let go, then heated some water to about 90 degrees and let it soak in there and she took it right away and ate.

  6. Are you leaving it in the enclosure or tong feeding? My baby hog only eats after leaving a pinkie in for a few hours on a plastic lid.

  7. Idk why but she lookin like a Cynthia/Sydney to me

  8. It probably appeared when he was 4-5 months old. I jus figured it was his pattern or it would go away with sheds but he’s almost a year old now. Currently on coco husk with 70-80 humidity and has been for months and always has complete sheds. The only incomplete shed he’s had is when I first got him and he was in quarantine on paper towels.

  9. I’ve had him for about 10 months I know I’m probably a bit of an over thinker but I just wanted to make sure that it was normal or not. No odd behavior or anything and he’s loves exploring just wanted other opinions if he’s okay :)

  10. 2 Appropriate size hides, Coco husk(reptichip etc.) substrate for humidity, a heat source with a thermostat and some leaf clutter and they will be a happy noodle!!

  11. He looks like some form of pastel to me, age is hard to tell cuz size is mostly based on how much they eat but he reminds me of my 3-4 month old bp. Then again she was also smaller than my 2 month old bp when I first got him. For gender there’s probably no way to tell without popping/probing from someone experienced.

  12. Mojave is one of my favorite morphs!! I was so happy when I brought my super enchi boy home, enjoy your best friend for years to come!

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