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  1. If anyone knows who is making these videos, or if it’s you, and you see this please email me at

  2. Oh I see. I’m redacted for assuming the guy posting them is making them. I also thought Bapa came up with the fajita bit on his own.

  3. Thank you for your service I guess B, but I felt awgward for Theo reading this.

  4. Fiancé. Even though I don’t speak Spanish he actually cracked up once he knew I was joking

  5. First of all thank you for your service. How many chiggs you fug that night bapa? Hope the wifey doesn’t mind you fuggin out here in the murky waters.

  6. You could have just offered to walgg us to your trugg instead of making us read your long ass post

  7. As much as I’d like to brag about that victory, I think we all know, including myself that 9/10x that fight goes the other way. Which is why I would never have accepted a rematch. It’s like Bapa once told me, “sometimes y’gotta let sleeping dogs lay under the porch until the hardest nut to crack is photogrisser”

  8. Can someone please explain to me why any of that is supposed to be funny? Here’s some help, Bapa. “72 virgins? Sounds like a lot of fun. I’d rather have 7 sluts who already know what they’re doing.” Maybe finish it off with a “what the fuuuuuuuuckkkk?!?” It’s a timeless classic Bapa punchline.

  9. If only the good die young then I’ve got bad news for you cats. Bapa is immortal

  10. What’s really pitiful, besides Bapa’s entire life, is that there is joke material to be made about that situation, and it could be made really funny, but that redact could never pull it off.

  11. So he had a twin brother who was older than him? “Makes sense” - Dana White

  12. Oh fershur b, that’s a b-b-b-beast of a cookie ovvussly. I got some out in my trugg if you wanna take a walg out there w me

  13. I’m pretty sure Sean mccorkle has made an appearance here before

  14. You talm ‘bout Messican cookies, B? Say less. Jus’ a choclut chip wiff some salsa onnit

  15. I don’t believe he has a prom, but I bet his buddy D’elia has several proms he’s planning on attending this spring

  16. Thanks for posting this. I have been really down today and needed something to either cheer me up, or something so cringy and so repulsive that it would push me over the edge so that I finally end it all. I’m sure you’ll hear about which one I chose soon.

  17. I see. I appreciate the clarification. I wonder if Bapa realizes how close the end is. I mean the writing is on the trugg. Him attempting to go nuclear on Dana for saying “Makes sense” is the act of a desperate man.

  18. Ariel is too afraid to let me on because the last 3-4x he had me on I promised I’d keep my politically incorrect statements it within reason, and then I didn’t.

  19. High-pitched Bert is even less funny than Schaub, there I said it

  20. Nah well I'm a bit of a hypocritical cunt, rules don't apply to me. I prefer to keep my troll Reddit account anonymous. Might be willing to do it via PM just for the meme of it though, as long as you just roast me in private and don't share it elsewhere.

  21. I would threaten to beat you up, but I’m honestly not sure I actually could at this point. My back is FUBAPA. That’s why I carry a gun with me at all times. I still want to be able to win.

  22. Not only is Big Sexy a homeless cat, he's also cool as shit. Chatted with him a couple times and he's a funny, humble dude. Hall of Famer at Chang's fer sher

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