1. Try Eucerin Advanced Repair, the very dry skin formula. Really good unscented hand cream, about in the middle of the light to heavy scale. $7 at CVS, saves my hands during the winter!

  2. I don’t think I will honestly ever know. I hit up grow science on instagram. They are the ones that told me to stay away since this isn’t anything they have dropped off anytime soon. I don’t believe they would tell me what actually happened due to maybe damaging a profitable relationship.

  3. Yeah lmfao I don’t know what I was thinking, GS will totally come back and spill all the corporate tea for you 😂

  4. I was wondering the same thing. Also super weird is I saw the dr. Who taken off the tempe menu, but pop up at all the other Nirvana spot. Pretty freaking weird if I do say so myself.

  5. They’re either updating their POS or committing a crime, there’s no in between! Lmao

  6. Lake Pleasant Parkway and Happy Valley area mostly. I see a lot of chains but always looking for small/local businesses to support also or fun things to do.

  7. For locally owned food in that area, Caminero has been around forever. Really good fast-casual Mexican. Twisted Italian, owners are Chicago transplants going on about 10 years at that location.

  8. Thank you! Going to try all these ASAP! Twisted Italian sounds like the perfect happy hour spot.

  9. Twisted has a great vibe at night, the area is lively on weeknights with young families and couples so it manages to retain a small-town feel. When the weather is nice there’s lots of dogs in the outdoor seating spots.

  10. We have the same, should be okay leaving them alone. Might be different if it were colder and the freeze stuck around longer.

  11. Grape Cream and Pineapple Soda are GS, Insane and Rootbeer are Sonoran Roots

  12. Ty for this! Ended up getting Pineapple Soda and Modified Rootbeer today. They both taste super dank at 2.0v thru my Yocan Uni Pro. I definitely like the Modified Rootbeer taste best. So happy I did a little research. Was just about to get a "live resin" Select cart a week ago and looked here for some guidance. This is a way better product than the typical disty carts I get. So happy 😁

  13. That’s awesome dude. Yeah the Cresco collabs are really dank, I think I actually prefer them a tiny bit to the Canamo line! You made some tasty drink selections

  14. Maple & Ash if you’re looking to spend a paycheck and watch people get after it.

  15. Picked this up at Ponderosa along with Galactic Runtz for the same price.

  16. So are these AO’s usually strains renamed to include Athletes names? I see Highsman is Ricky Williams’ cannabis company.

  17. AO keeps hinting on IG that this batch of Jenny is gonna kick hard. They show the rosin but the flower must follow.

  18. When I first moved here I tried 22’s “Limerock” and it was low THC but fire terps, smelled amazing and pretty unique. Could break down by hand into a nice sticky crumble. It was probably just some Sonoran roots but I haven’t seen it again since.

  19. I would bet money that was SR’s Ghost Lime Pop! It drops about once a year. It is around 10-14% most times, extremely unique stanky terps. Definitely an infamous strain haha

  20. Most definitely, and in fact I just saw that on a menu today when I was browsing, maybe H4L? Damn, I would swoop but the last couple batches of SR anything I’ve pick up has been black ash mids

  21. Good call, if it’s at H4L under third-party it’s probably not their best lol. It dropped before Halloween last year I think under Canamo, I bet they’ll push more around spring break. Citrus terps in some nice weather sounds great.

  22. My Pioneer Kush last year was similar, visually kinda underwhelming but dear god the smell. It was actually so powerful it gave me anxiety 💀 Incredibly sticky, too. However they cure, they’re doing it right.

  23. Absolutely. I would honestly have some super loud regular looking stuff then beautiful buds without it.

  24. I’m currently in a chokehold with that and vaporwave/outrun stuff right now lol it’s bad

  25. Yes there gas idk what people are talking about weed cant give you a lung infection only something that gets into your lung like maybe scooby snacks can give you lung infection or someone swallowed something infected

  26. Honey, we can get very sick and die from inhaling aspergillus fungi. Literally just the smallest amount of spores. Just one of many that cannabis can be threatened by. Good grows and labs don’t let those out to the public if it happens, the bad ones do.

  27. I use huho boss the scent and i have to say, ever since i started wearing it people tend to really vibe with it and compliment me on how good i smell

  28. Hugo Boss? I’ll give it a sniff. I’m not opposed to the right cologne that’s not overpoweringly masc. there was one a while back, Gucci Guilty I think? Loved the men’s version, musk of course but balanced nicely by sweet notes.

  29. It's mens, but it's not a typical man scent. The only one that noticed that it's men was my mom and qhe has a nose like a bloodhound and it nuts about perfume. She even recognized the brand and name so..

  30. Lmao your mom is like me. The month after I got Covid was one of the most peaceful of my life. Thanks for the rec!

  31. Lolll yep. Mine was very determined to save mama from ALL the cords…. those evil little plotting bastards. Probably would’ve killed us in our sleep if not for our heroic pups.

  32. ErindicaTrees, 43, daily player. Will help with raids if you message here or on Campfire. Down with gifting to Best Friends, also cool with being axed after 3 gifts.

  33. Hey there! Sent a friend request, my PoGo username is ErindicaTrees.

  34. I get it with the pandemic. My girl is a pandemic puppy. Appreciate you!!

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