1. Time for a powerpoint presentation.

  2. There's a reason you can lay on a bed of nails and be just fine, and this is it.

  3. Day 3 really pissed me off. I have that CE that grants evade 3 times, so of course they field 2 assholes with Sure Strike. And of course one of them was a Berserker >:-/

  4. Resolve my debt. It's stagnant debt that I don't have to worry much about, so I pay it off little by little, but being able to wipe it out in one shot would just be kind of nice.

  5. A house of matchsticks - all it will take is a spark.

  6. sure - if i could sell infinite quantities of shit i didn't have, i'd be doing well too.

  7. hahahaha. okay, i don't hate this one.

  8. I tend to have this belief that when you pledge cash as collateral for this type of position that it is putting cash in the Mayo man’s hands for him to do whatever the hell he wants with it…if not him then someone like him. And that is why I am a bit skeptical about derivatives at the moment.

  9. You're mistaken - I sold the cash-backed puts. The premium money went into my hands. And the account isn't a margin account - it's a strict cash account with $$$ in it for trades and such. There is no collateral. Not one single cent. And no money will be leaving my hand unless there's an assignment.

  10. If it is a $3 put it would typically require $300 cash for collateral. Because you are basically guaranteeing to buy at a specified price of $3 for 100 shares. How do you sell puts without pledging collateral?

  11. The $$$ in my account is still mine. They can't just reach in and fuck around with it. if I suddenly close my puts by buying them back, and the $$$ isn't there, then there's fuckery afoot and that's clear proof.

  12. Do those chapters move the plot along? Keep them and trim the fat.

  13. Right. I've considered a lot of this. I just had to step away for a while (longer than I wanted). There's definitely a lot of fluff. It comes from me wanting to make sure the intent is understood. Which often unfortunately devolves into me basically stealing a reader's paintbrush and giving them a fucking children's coloring book >:-/

  14. Hey, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who made the chainsaw comment, and I'm truly sorry it took the wind out of your sails. Like I said at the time, I did not want to discourage you at all, but I recognize that intent of one's actions rarely matches the effects. I debated a long time over sending you that message.

  15. Nothing to apologize for. It was a fine and valid observation. And it wasn't what you said that was like getting kicked in the stomach.

  16. how is my hodling hurting anyone lol.

  17. i hate this sentiment so damn much. life is not beautiful. it's long, it's hard, it's ugly.

  18. But for that short fleeting moments where you are eating cheap Chinese food, life is fine..

  19. So could I incorporate myself, have my LLC draft a binding NDA for me, then sign it, prohibiting myself from having to explain bullshit like this on my resume?

  20. That is kind of cool. RIP for the FPS killer pillar, though :-/

  21. My supposition is they've set some moronic, completely arbitrary minimum required character limit for the answers, in which case...

  22. the name sounds familiar - oh yeah, please go home. anyway, it's not an exhaustive list.

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