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  1. Like hell they are. They’ll call every guy a narcissist and recommend NC over minor disagreements.

  2. This is a prop. Notice the lack of an ejection port and extractor on either side. Not a real Glock.

  3. There is no justice, person is dead , she will be forgoten over a period of time will start new life without any consequences, the person who had to suffer loss is still suffring, courts will be like "oh!!! Sorry our bad 😅😅 he was inocent 😅😉😉", and entire community will always remember him as potential ra.pist or will be called even after being proved inocent . So where is justice

  4. Today’s reality is your hyperspecific response to a made up story

  5. Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and then again in 2022, causing thousands of deaths for both countries, and caused Russia to become isolated from western countries and most of Europe.

  6. No way, a language learning app teaches you how to say countries, one of the most common and normal things you’d see in while learning a language? Shut up you clown

  7. No because I literally don’t remember anyone visiting 😂😂

  8. With that i meant To make kids is not weird But to do it on a daily bases is weird

  9. People enjoying different things to you does not make them weird. How old are you?

  10. my guess is too young to be on reddit

  11. No it wasn’t. Don’t try and shift it now just because you failed at being needlessly passive aggressive.

  12. Given the power dynamic between the two, with Depp being much older, wealthier, and more established in the film industry than AH, I'm not really concerned with the need to establish that there was abuse from both parties. I don't care that "both sides bad" or whatever.

  13. I recognise that there was a power dynamic there but I don’t like painting the situation as being black and white. Both of them are not good people.

  14. I thought this was an ad from the title lmao, almost scrolled past

  15. Ah of course, I guess I just made up that already established term and all the discourse/debate about where exactly millennial ends.

  16. I lack critical thinking when you literally just contradicted yourself on what counts as Gen Z and what counts as millennial. Fucking hell lmfao

  17. Hmm, i think the correct piece is 3... Or 7...

  18. I thought it was 3 at first too but there’s a bit at the bottom which doesn’t match (on the fragment itself, top right)

  19. I appreciate the response, but what exactly is "straight pride parade"? I understand it is banned from the sub, but not exactly what it is comprised of.

  20. It’s a category name. It doesn’t mean literal straight pride parades are banned, it’s just saying everything under the category is banned.

  21. I have a quick question about the sub, what would do you define as being a straight pride parade? And why is it that "Superstraight" content is prohibited?

  22. “Straight pride parade” is the name of the category for content that is permanently banned from being posted here.

  23. I don't really see the issue, I don't like being around humans either.

  24. It could be interpreted as her calling women an entirely different species, which is pretty dehumanising? In fairness I read it as calling humans as a whole a different species but considering she mentioned “girls” it could also be her saying women are a different species.

  25. Could you even port Megamix to the 3DS with how the game works? I assumed it was a game meant to be played on the 3DS even if it uses buttons

  26. Well yeah, buttons and dpad can be ported. I don’t own a switch tbf, only a switch lite, so not sure if there would be complications there.

  27. That's another part of the horror lol it implies something is wrong with the dad, he's not fully sane

  28. But then why would it be worth threatening him? If he wasn’t sane he wouldn’t care whether his daughter holds on or not

  29. Man fuck off you understood what I said. Next time I'll say women and men simple as that's. That's such a minor thing to focus on you completely missed the focus of what I was talking about

  30. Yeah that’s… What I’m saying. Makes much more sense and isn’t infantilising if you say “women and men”.

  31. I'm not visiting your sub if you're continuing to miss the whole entire point of my comment. Fuck off and bother someone else with your minor linguistical pickings bro

  32. Not my sub, and again I’m not talking about your point. I’m talking about your word choice because it is rooted in misogyny even though you very likely didn’t intend for it. You clearly don’t understand, which is why I’m linking to that subreddit because it explains it.

  33. No it isn’t. The entire point of boneappletea is that real English words were used by mistake instead of the real English word[s]. If it isn’t a real word it doesn’t fit there.

  34. My friend, extremely catastrophic misspellings are found on the sub. The sub's name

  35. This isn’t up for debate. Read literally anything about the subreddit. The subreddit’s purpose doesn’t include misspellings, and it’s very clear in pretty much every place that they aren’t allowed.

  36. Bro just get a source for the sky being blue oml why is “please give evidence” such a problem for these snowflakes

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