1. Ben or Duck, it could of been an awesome redemption ark for Ben and they both would of been a neat brother sister type dynamic.

  2. That is Cargo- it's the first scary game in Three Scary Games episode #64. This took me way too long to find LOL

  3. Where is the Sea Dogs!?! BOOOOOO (I love the cookies, good job!)

  4. Oh shit, arena was a thing yeah, that would’ve been fun to do, maybe I can include it next year

  5. I miss these small Bilge Rats events, I hope they do more of em! I actually had one of the old voyages saved for the longest time before me and my buddy finally decided to do it for memories. We flew the old Reaper Mark the whole time just like old times as well!

  6. The fact that you’re saying you like your pirate to me means you probably shouldn’t change them. I find that a lot of people who change their pirate end up regretting it and getting into a never ending cycle of buying multiple potions trying to find the “perfect” pirate.

  7. Completely fine with it. At least if you’re being sunk for supplies people can’t use it as an excuse anymore to spawn camp a ship to get the supplies.

  8. We decided to race each other on the Sea Dogs Parkour Course after finishing up the latest adventure then relaxed for a few minutes. This game really is beautiful sometimes.

  9. It’s not the headset the in-game voice chat has been busted for idk when. Me and my friends testing it out using in-game and Xbox voice chat and the Xbox voice chat was crystal clear while game was horrible.

  10. People will find anything to be mad about lol. Like what else were you suppose to do, let him on the ship? 😂

  11. That guy on the ship had plenty of time to defuse and swim away with the keg and the guy on the dock had 0 situational awareness not hearing you behind him 😂

  12. i wear the wraps or sandals so people cant hear me step. i would normally be nice to new players but when i saw their ship where mine should be AND the keg just sitting there, i had no choice.


  14. I ended up messaging them because I don’t even know I one balled him until he told me! Me and my friend spawned back and they were just gone with their loot floating in the water so we got really confused 😂

  15. I still think it’s a matchmaking problem because plenty of people say they’re playing it

  16. It’s definitely a problem with Thieves because whenever my friend talks it sounds very static and garbled to the point sometimes I can’t hear him over the game sounds. We tested it last weekend he sounds terrible in game but comes out crystal clear in party chat so we’ve sadly been using party chat for now.

  17. I know I heard from somebody that Rare stated they would be giving Hunters Call some love soon but idk if that’s true or not.

  18. Him throwing his scabbard always irritates me and I don’t know why.

  19. One less thing to carry in battle 🤷🏼‍♂️

  20. Only ones I know of are the Arena Azure set that has a white deck and the other Arena ship sets have colored decks but it was limited time so I’m not sure.

  21. You’ll get toxic players no matter what group ya play sadly. I do Xbox only because then I know I’m on an equal playing field with other players and not at a disadvantage. I also don’t know if Thieves has hacker problems but without PC players I don’t have to worry about that either.

  22. I just went into a preferred Xbox only. I’m still Q’ing for a match (hourglass) It says 1min I’ve been here for like 15-20

  23. Like I said I think it’s more of a matching problem not an Xbox problem

  24. Been playing since Beta 🤘🏼 Took a couple breaks in between but come back every time.

  25. I’m so so sorry for your loss but just letting you know mods might delete this post due to Rule 2

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