1. There's not much in Connersville, but it's a simple drive to Richmond or even to Hamilton (Ohio). Although Connersville has some issues, there's a shooting at least once a week in Richmond, so I normally avoid it. Brookville is even more boring than Connersville, if that's possible, and the Owens Corning factory habitually makes Brookville stinky. Cambridge City is right up 1. There's not much there either but at least it's on the interstate (70) and the Golay Center is almost like a YMCA. Congratulations on the new job.

  2. Well I graduated from the university of cincinnati so I lived it Clifton, weekly shootings will make me feel like I'm right at home lol. But thanks for the heads up on brookville. I just thought it seemed like a neat place.

  3. richmond is the biggest of the three. in richmond you could probably have your pick of shopping at meijer or wal mart whereas in connorsville there is probably only one option and in brookville you probably have to drive to the next town for groceries. at 28 (and presumably single?) I would definitely pick richmond out of the three.

  4. Yep, single and thank you. I've also noticed a theme of what seems to be more upscale community apartments in Richmond. I think I'm going there. It does seem the least boring.

  5. Glad you're able to try out something you always wanted to do. There's always some shit that stops us from doing something new we wanted to try lol

  6. R/Gonewild lol. I saw rage comics talking about gonewild in like 2012 so I had to check that out obviously. Then I discovered some of the funnier subreddits and started getting homework help from

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