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  1. -Young, free-willed heroes related to the sky (Sora/Klonoa of the Wind) that guard the multiverse from the forces of darkness whenever their services are needed. Hopping from world to world, they have made many allies across their adventures, but every world they come across has one "main" ally that aids them on their quest (Sora has his Disney World Party Members, while Klonoa has helpers that power his wind ring). However, they are unable to bring their allies with them, leaving them a wandering spirit.

  2. If I didn’t adore Gigan with every fiber of my being I’d put this in the trash. Unfortunately, I do, which means that it’s mid.

  3. "Even if we are to assume it is unnatural? What about it? Robots are unnatural and everyone loves those things!"

  4. Why is this so underrated? Damn, did you just come up with this?

  5. Yet again most of those groups are organized crime, not a corporation.

  6. It’s not SpongeBob’s best, but it’s not as terrible as people say it is. I’d argue it’s better than SpongeBob VS Gumball.

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