1. honestly, throw out some matches like Daniel Garcia vs. Konosuke Takeshita or the House of Black/Aussie Open from PWG recently. I strongly agree that Dark adding in the "touring" matches help its presentation tremendously.

  2. I don’t think it’s a problem with him given he’s dedicating the match to his “brothers” and a previous tweet for his confirms it bascially

  3. For those asking PAC asked after this match that TK should send a proper challenger for him for the July 23rd Rev pro show

  4. If AEW can replicate this quality, actually give the women time, and not just throw them all on the designated women's time 1:30 into Dynamite, then this division can be great.

  5. Ngl I saw people saying Starks cut a Great promo on this, and while it was good I feel I was lowkey more impressed by the Claudio vs Hager promo

  6. I don't see him beating Wardlow and I know people think It's cool to give young stars title reigns but AEW still charges 50$ for PPVs and you aren't gonna do 150k+ on a PPV headlined by Starks yet. WWE has shifted the perception of what level you have to be at to be a "world champion" because the Network means they don't sell PPVs at 50$ a pop.

  7. IDK man Shida has basically got a quarter of the division hired.

  8. I feel like I have seen Shida have bad matches to be honest but not really her Fault. Like her match with Abadon

  9. The Abadon match was horrible. But in fairness, most televised (non taped) Abadon matches have been rotten.

  10. The only decent match oh Hers I couldn’t think of was with Britt of all people lol

  11. Probably given a holiday to clear his mind in real life but kayfabe he’s taken off tv cause of the “shoot” promo

  12. Jobbers.. He's been rolling jobbers. Have him start rolling some of the mid card guys that don't have the "value" right now like OC.. Then build your way up to the bigger matches that go longer and competitive with bigger talent...

  13. Has Takeshita even won a singles match in AEW? Rankings matter... Except for when they don't.

  14. It’s not for the title. Mox said he wanted the Match cause he’s been impressed by his performances and yes I believe he has won matches on dark

  15. Holy shit Mox vs. Takeshita? Are you fucking with me?

  16. More surprised they booked him against someone who could steal his pop.

  17. It was billed as a ROH ppv but it have a lot of njpw workers. But it wasn’t built like G1 supercard

  18. Weird cause it never mentions njpw in the title. Just in the logo

  19. Is that a Michael Jackson? 😳 And who is the guy in the front right?

  20. TK better sign him really quick. He is the biggest casual draw /s

  21. Is this the promo where Luchasarus actually talks and says he has a masters degree?

  22. ....I really don't want malachai to job to sting. Was kinda hoping bcc would fued with house of black not sting and Darby. Oh well.

  23. First time an AEW champ got pinned on another promotion's ring. We get to put to bed the notion that TK will be over-protective of talents on joint shows or on excursion.

  24. I notice Rosa works great with high level opponents but when he’s in there with a green worker she struggles and seems really sloppy herself,

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