1. How you deal with it depends on whether she raised it out of the blue unprompted, or whether you pursued hard enough for her to ‘match’ your effort. Regardless of which, I agree 100% the only way to resolve it is to communicate what you want, but depending on which it is, will ultimately determine ‘what’ you need to communicate, and ‘how’ you do it.

  2. This is the hardest map to do that. U need a team for this. This week do everything and not loose points is close to impossible on this map. One bad players will make the hole team loose

  3. Absolutely this. One bad player can cause soooo much damage.

  4. I mean, the way I look at it is technically anyone new is a new friend, unless they eventually become something more. If you enjoy his company then I would say maybe don’t cut him off dead, if it goes somewhere over time (and if that’s what you want) then great, but if it doesn’t then you’ve gained a friend.

  5. American gods. No contest. Loved Anansi Boys but American Gods is just epic

  6. Lots of PEOPLE lie about lots of things in online profiles. It's not just men and it's not just about age.

  7. Seems I’ve doing this all wrong. I’ve literally listed everything that anyone has ever been a point of contention in mine. Like absolutely everything even down to my work, music and video games - figured if people can see past that, great. Weirdly the only thing that anyone has ever commented on is my age, which is my actual age - 41. I keep the comments where people don’t believe I’m that old cause they’re good for a pick me up on bad days haha.

  8. I don’t know that it can always be ‘doesn’t initiate = not interested’. Sure that can be the case over a shorter period, but there’s also the matter of complacency. Like if you always initiate it’s something they never have to consider doing. Which in turn over time leads to you feeling like shit, even though more often than not in that circumstance, it’s simply because they never have need to consider it - they just get used to replying or reacting to you.

  9. And International Velvet by Catatonia if you want to go all out :)


  11. What I’ll be singing all the way to the match next week :) Such a tune!!!

  12. Absolutely agree. Actually seems like OPs manager is willing to bandy allegations like that around as a means of deflection; if OP has raised a workload concern to his manager, surely his manager isn’t dim enough to not realise that at some point an overstretched department is something that he has a responsibility to ensure is on his radar…. Seen that happen more than once.

  13. Have a look at how they made Darkwood, it’s a top down game, and literally only part of the screen is illuminated when a flashlight is on. Creepiest damn game I’ve ever played, but it’s fairly simplistic as well. So shouldn’t be too difficult to find out how they did it.

  14. Yep me too. Although I really hope they start dropping shows like they did when Villains dropped.

  15. Not really, no. Even not replying to a number of them generally isn’t. For example sometimes people are going through stuff, and don’t always feel like they’re in the frame of mind to talk - I do this a lot, just in everyday life, not specific to dating - I just sometimes get peopled out. But I always tell people that I’m taking some quiet time, and if appropriate, I tell them why too. But they also know they can send me as many texts as they want because I silence my notifications when I’m zoned out. That said, maybe my view is skewed somewhat, because my immediate circle of family/ close friends, etc are all the same. Not knowing what to say or running out of stuff to say IMO isn’t ghosting. It’s just running out of things to say in a situation, or not knowing what to say. Which is absolutely fine, but maybe just tell them that. Or explain you’re busy (even if you’re not) and that you’ll reply later, cos you’ll buy yourself some time to think and maybe you won’t come up against that issue quite as much perhaps?

  16. Yes, I actually do need time alone to blow off steam and think. No, it's not a symptom of something being wrong. It's something I've done literally my entire life to process emotions and problems of every conceivable description, and it is deeply ingrained into my executive functions. I do not understand how this is strange, or how there are people not like this.

  17. I think they only think it’s strange if you don’t mention that’s what you’re doing. Everyone needs downtime, myself included, but I’ve always found partners/ friends/ family to be more understanding when I preempt it with ‘heads a bit fried, gonna take some downtime for [vague period of tike]’ but I always always make sure they know I’ll be back on planet earth and in touch as soon as I’m right. Since doing that, they respect my need to zone out, and I don’t worry anyone in the process. But ye,even as a woman, I am totally with you not the not understanding people who don’t need to mentally retreat every now and again.

  18. American Psycho is of my favourite books and one of the best film adaptations of a book ever.

  19. Back to the future Flight of the. Navigator Bill and Ted Avengers Endgame Boss Level

  20. There are soooo many good b-sides. I think I listen to them more tbh

  21. Because that’s the answer to the ultimate question. Which is not what was asked in this post.

  22. The purpose and meaning of life are the ultimate question, which is exactly what was asked

  23. Purpose and meaning of life are the subject of the ultimate question but “What is” is not part of it.

  24. The ultimate question is the inquiry re the ultimate answer, the ultimate answer encompasses life, the universe, and everything. To me that encompasses the purpose and meaning of life. The ultimate answer to the ultimate question is 42. But in reality this is just quibbling semantics.

  25. I don’t know where to find it but I hope someone does, there must be one somewhere. Will see if I know anyone else who knows.

  26. Awesome thanks. I did just find a rip of the there and then DVD, so that’s definitely a step in the right direction.

  27. Or out of nowhere starting up part of the way into a conversation where the first part obviously took place internally.

  28. I do this all the time 😂 I don’t even realise I’m doing it. Although at work I have like one guy who has set himself up in the end of my own office ‘cos it’s quiet in here’ doesn’t even notice I’m taking at myself all day long. Other people come in and see ‘what is she on about? What did I miss?’ And he’s like, ‘is she talking?!’ It’s just sort of accepted that if I’m speaking to him I’ll throw something over to his desk from my end of my office, and he’ll pay attention then. All this is fine, til I take that same approach at home and then get annoyed because people think I’m talking to them. I’m not, I’m usually just talking at myself, or sometimes to the dog. I had hoped I would grow out of it, but at 41 I have lost all hope for not narrating my way through my daily life. At least it’s quite comedic narration though, so there’s always that. I do feel for people who are trying to work out whether I’m talking to them, or at myself though.

  29. One of 5 haha. We all talk to ourselves though

  30. I wouldn’t say that nobody isn’t prone to the odd pang of jealously, but as a rule no; I am secure enough in myself that I don’t really experience it. There is an exception though, but always relates to things rather than people; for example I collect vinyl, now if someone has an original record that I haven’t been able to track down, then I feel some jealousy. Although I don’t think jealousy in the truest sense is accurate here, more envious that they have it and I don’t have one. Other than that, nope. But equally I don’t invite people into my life who are likely to elicit that sort of response from me, and that’s assuming I notice it to be able to demonstrate that response.

  31. I don’t. I can and will deal with a lot, dishonesty is not one of those things. What you allow is what will continue. Cut the ties.

  32. The correct response is, "How do you know I don't know latin?"

  33. I saw pics on a Welsh walking Fb group earlier, yep it has snow at the moment and it looks absolutely magnificent. Pretty easy to hike, might be slightly harder given the recent snow/frost. The first bit is harder than the rest, that long low slope just seems to go on forever. Once you’re clear of that usually you can fly up the last bit. I’m summer anyway. But in this recent weather it’ll def take a bit longer.

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