On a Fall day in 1976, a farmer harvesting corn in rural Benton County, Indiana found an unusual package in his field. The box, which is theorized to have been dropped by a helicopter contained the body of a woman. Dubbed, “The Box Lady of Benton, County” her identity remains a mystery.

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  1. Try cleaning the contact points on the pod itself. I had a cart once that seeped a little oil out the bottom and coated the contact point of my battery and it stopped hitting, but worked just fine once I cleaned off the excess oil.

  2. Really? This stuff is literally the worst weed I’ve bought in this program. Zero scent, zero effects.

  3. I’ve had six botanist carts and one or two of their disposables and all were quality products that I’d have no problem buying again.

  4. Demented people can often be found in bodies of water.

  5. Various other places as well, I've found!

  6. When I read about all those lipstick cases and purses my heart sank. Why on earth did he have them? Who did they belong to?? That must have been so disturbing to find.

  7. It's unsettling to say the least. I immediately thought of Dexter and his box of blood slides...

  8. It's not that bizarre, happens all the time actually. I can't begin to count all the cases I've looked into that started with "a farmer was tending his crops when he saw what he at first thought was a mannequin".

  9. At age 10 how many adults do you really know though? Besides your own next door neighbors or babysitters?

  10. Parents, friends of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers, doctors...kind of a shitload.

  11. Dragon Quest Builders is one of my favorites.

  12. Well Valid would be wrong just due to timeframe of game coming out. Usually it says already redeemed if used. Wrong IDK you double check the code make sure you didn’t mix up numbers or anything?

  13. I typed it in correctly, after doing it so many times I got that bitch memorized.

  14. Perhaps it's just an old homemade Halloween yard decoration that was left behind at some point.

  15. Yeah, at this rate only a confession would probably solve it

  16. Even then I still wouldn't be totally convinced, unless they could ID the weapon used or something. People confess to shit they didn't really do all the time, like Henry Lee Lucas or that guy who said he killed Etan Patz.

  17. And clearly you're the epitome of class.

  18. but then again, jumping into conclusions doesn't solve anything if we make up theories. we can say that possibly he did this or didn't. people can't stop making up theories because of "what ifs".

  19. This place gets more and more like websleuths everyday.

  20. but still, just to check if he was lying or not.

  21. Polygraphs are fucking useless and do not detect lies in any way. There are countless instances of innocent people "failing", and just as many where the guilty have "passed". Gary Ridgway is a great example.

  22. Trying to blame Assassin's Creed is just fucking pathetic.

  23. I was shocked when I saw their update! I wonder if the conditions in the cave had something to do with them being able to successfully extract DNA? 1979 was 40 years ago, this is amazing.

  24. DNA has been successfully extracted from 10,000 year old remains.

  25. Or as Bob Ross would say, it's a "happy accident".

  26. There is the ogx360 made by Ryzee119 that you could use with an 8bitdo adapter to connect one xb1 controller this way.

  27. Does rumble work? I have a bunch of wireless Mad Catz controllers that are great but I always hated the fact that they didn't have rumble.

  28. Dauben is just a greasy scumbag attention whore and anything that comes out of his mouth should be completely disregarded.

  29. With my knowledge of the language and remoteness location it’s hard to understand where the truth is. When I read about him it seemed to me. But why do you think so about him?

  30. His behavior towards her family, the strange rambling videos, the absurd conspiracy claims, I could go on and on. The guy is clearly mentally disturbed.

  31. Whoever is doing this should be strung up like that guy at the end of Hellraiser.

  32. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana and Dragon Quest Builders. I can't remember exactly how many hours I put into each one, but it was a heaping fuck ton for sure.

  33. watching too much informative murder porn has steered me away from cremation. I've seen cases where murder was only proven after a body was disinterred. cremation is always pushed for by perpetrators of life insurance fraud to destroy evidence.

  34. I'm pretty sure they can test cremated remains for poisons now.

  35. The first case sounds like some bullshit from an episode of Bones.

  36. A "gang of sick vagrants roaming around the country killing" is about as likely as someone being sucked up inside their own asshole and turned inside out.

  37. Maybe Jacob brought them to the island.

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