1. Are the hounds some bloods too or what are they? I heard of em but I stay on my side yk

  2. Play that shit when driving and lmk how it goes

  3. I feel like hurts is going to run 80+ yards. Will be a very defensive game

  4. 9ers like to rush the qb a lot so yea he’s gonna run O 44 for sure

  5. That song he had in the intro of 600 dead opps was 🔥

  6. Ngl if my blood brother died I wouldn’t even diss till someone died but this mfkas slide on a producer as soon as they brothers die like wtf

  7. I didn’t say get a huge angle kit lmao, these cars come with like 30 something degrees of angle stock, transitions are a nightmare in these with just a welded unless you know what you’re doing. If I was a beginner I’d rather spend $300 than just go wreck my car. Have you actually drifted one of these cars on the Street and track with stock angle?

  8. All you need is a welded diff and send it

  9. If you can’t drift on stock suspension then you shouldn’t be drifting at all. First thing you need to learn is how to control your car before going out of your way and buying a angle kit while barely learning how to keep your car angled

  10. Pay 300-600 to illegal smog it. Way cheaper then putting everything back to stock and having to re do it once stock

  11. It if has 200k you might want to low ball to 4K. Mostly every vq motor gets rod knock around that mileage.

  12. Ny 🥷’s be jacking eachother 😭😭

  13. What’s the point of track if your not drifting? I could do this on the street

  14. He had to lose in fantasy there’s no way he chosed to get that tatted on himself

  15. Yeah it hit the grass which is on like a 45 degree incline then just slid on it, cause it’s wet, into the tree. So I I guess I did have two accidents in one day 😂

  16. He’s probably talking about how the front bumper was replaced since it’s a different color from the car

  17. The reason we went is because the USA bailed us out lmao

  18. If Raul never scored we wouldn’t of made it even if USA bailed us out

  19. If Raul scores it wouldn't have meant anything without the US.

  20. We needed to win and we needed Costa Rica to lose. If we tied vs Panama we wouldn’t of qualified.

  21. What fivio say “he wasn’t a opp but he from that block we don’t care we just wanted the numbers”

  22. How tf was edson in bench,we parked the bus since the first minute edson would’ve fit perfectly in this match

  23. Even worse this game was physical and he’s one of our best physical players.

  24. Na, there’s a rapper from CBKS that the ESC fw

  25. It’s not. It’s just Penaldo in his natural habitat.

  26. Pessi scored a pen then ghosted after that 😂😂

  27. Ronaldo did the same. Also I’m not offended I’m not really a fan of either lol

  28. Ronaldo had a assist and a pen and won the match. Messi didn’t.

  29. Arvins crazy, place is like a 3rd world country.

  30. That shit got one Main Street shjt ain’t crazy

  31. I’m starting to believe that when it comes to the beautiful game Mexicans and Argentines just can’t get along

  32. Argentinians are racist as fuck towards other Latinos

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