1. Yeah it hit the grass which is on like a 45 degree incline then just slid on it, cause it’s wet, into the tree. So I I guess I did have two accidents in one day 😂

  2. He’s probably talking about how the front bumper was replaced since it’s a different color from the car

  3. I liked the 2014 World Cup so probably conmebol

  4. The reason we went is because the USA bailed us out lmao

  5. If Raul never scored we wouldn’t of made it even if USA bailed us out

  6. If Raul scores it wouldn't have meant anything without the US.

  7. We needed to win and we needed Costa Rica to lose. If we tied vs Panama we wouldn’t of qualified.

  8. What fivio say “he wasn’t a opp but he from that block we don’t care we just wanted the numbers”

  9. How tf was edson in bench,we parked the bus since the first minute edson would’ve fit perfectly in this match

  10. Even worse this game was physical and he’s one of our best physical players.

  11. Na, there’s a rapper from CBKS that the ESC fw

  12. It’s not. It’s just Penaldo in his natural habitat.

  13. Pessi scored a pen then ghosted after that 😂😂

  14. Ronaldo did the same. Also I’m not offended I’m not really a fan of either lol

  15. Ronaldo had a assist and a pen and won the match. Messi didn’t.

  16. Arvins crazy, place is like a 3rd world country.

  17. That shit got one Main Street shjt ain’t crazy

  18. I’m starting to believe that when it comes to the beautiful game Mexicans and Argentines just can’t get along

  19. Argentinians are racist as fuck towards other Latinos

  20. Bro he ran people over and almost killed one and you want him to get paid for it?

  21. Doors are ankle killers. Window motors only last for a year at most. E brake go out easily on 06

  22. Looks like your going to need to replace the whole front wheel suspension but other than that it doesn’t look too bad

  23. Mf don't attack an automatic driver i can understand why some would choose auto over manual especially in a sports car and there's nothing to hate about that.

  24. for real. people are scared. i know a few people that bought a standard car without even knowing how to drive it home. the subject at hand though is about changing the damn auto shifter. and let me guess you want one that looks like a manual? lol

  25. That drive home for the first time is the worst. Especially when it’s traffic hours.

  26. Ngl this people on the thread are over exaggerating but you should get new ones in the next few weeks

  27. idk where y’all get this idea that the coupe is superior, pretty childish. it’s the same car and quite frankly i would never go back to a hard top after having my roadster

  28. Hell no. Soft tops are terrible unless it’s summer time

  29. Check fluids and tranny I started hearing that noise before my first tranny went bye bye

  30. get a roll cage if you haven't already if ur gonna drift a vert z

  31. I’m thinking of turning it to a hard top so idk yet

  32. “We play for keeps the whole hood know me”

  33. Marketplace, OfferUp, Craigslist or instagram page

  34. Ngl that shit probably marked totaled on his insurance and is salvaged so $1k if the engine is good with less than 100k miles

  35. I wouldn’t drive around with loose wires near my tires. Those are windshield wires doe so maybe check the reservoir if you even have one to being with

  36. Weld diff intake throttle catback 2 step w/ stage 2 clutch and a auto zone sticker

  37. Kay bullied him out his spot bc after fans saw that edot wasn’t like that a lot of edot fans turned to Kay fans. They wasn’t jacking him after that.

  38. Niggas stopped listening to edot like that cuz he changed his flow not cuz of Kay flock😂😂😂

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