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  1. Unironically love this song. Listen to it all the time at work.

  2. The monarchy is still cringe though. Let's not girlboss this.

  3. The one that gets a less of a penalty is Female teachers who sleep with young male students. They are taken way too lightly. When in fact that female is a predator. They often get a slap on the hand in comparison to what males get for the exact same offense. If women really want to be equal that means equality in everything including punishment for crimes. They really need to come down harder on female predators.

  4. Yes, I agree. There is a problem with the double standard that girls can be raped by men and but guys can't be raped by women. Though, sadly, a lot of guys do themselves participate in this whole culture about how these children are so "lucky" for their teachers to having raped them and feminists are the ones who tend to critique these kind of ideas. I think my problem is when people take a legitame problem as men getting punished more for crimes and female pedophilia as being feminists and women's fault when in reality, it is the fault of a society that still maintains some of its patriarchal norms that hurts both men and women in their own ways.

  5. That one I believe should not even be illegal.

  6. Thanks. I really appreciate you worrying about me. And sadly, I don't think she'll ever change. I gave her many chances and yet, she is pretty much the same and has refused to aknowledge my identity. Zo I cannot do that much really besides being angry with her.

  7. Aww sweetness, I'm sorry she doesn't seem to want to change. Of course you'll be angry, when they don't have any interest in changing it is infuriating.

  8. Yeah, I am actually planning to move out eventually so I can live by myself and possibly be even close to my workplace and the mall so it would be a great benefit for myself. Honestly, ever since I came out to her, things have completely fallen apart. I cannot even tolerate her presence.

  9. we share so many in common: Memento, Angel’s Egg, Her, Perfect Blue, La Haine, Grave of the Fireflies and Persona :-)

  10. And from your description, you seem to be a Berserk fan. It is my personal favorite story ever made.

  11. and mine! i didn’t see your username or profile picture before commenting - i also love Nana!

  12. Nana is so fucking amazing. What other anime shows and shows do you enjoy in general? I personally love watching a lot of cartoons. Right now, I am watching Bob's Burgers before that, I have finished Moral Orel, Clone Wars, Bojack Horseman, Justice League Unlimited, Invader Zim and so many more. I think a lot of kids cartoons are still super enjoyable and can have to them that adults can appreciate

  13. I would love a threesome with 2 guys and be in the middle uwu

  14. I am loving these video posts of Justice League. There are so many iconic moments. One of my favorites is Kronos sending one of his goons back to the death of the Dinosaurs to punish him for being a traitor. Really badass and fucked up execution.

  15. There are literally so many buildings that look like a dick, but it's only when something looks like a vagina that people start to complain...

  16. Yeah, I am also getting bothered by all the vagina jokes. Girls have dicks too.

  17. I mean, so do I but that's not the point. The issue is that lesbian attraction and woman is equated with vaginas, which just excludes trans women and the thing that bothers me about it.

  18. It's kind of fucked up and depressing that a hentai subreddit's main appeal is that it is always consensual, which just further proves my point that hentai has a rape problem. Good thing this one actually has them consent and enjoy it and even express the character's chemistry for each other.

  19. Justice League is one of the greatest cartoons I've ever seen.

  20. I really love this song. Genuinely catchy and creepy at the same time. It's a bit unfortunate that there weren't more episoded like this in Billy & Mandy in the sense that it was able to be perfectly disturbing but also have a dark sense of humor. It tries to do so as a whole but it feels less like a dark comedy that embraces the horrors of the concepts it explores and more like a kids cartoons just making references to the horror genre.

  21. You could be but I also would like point out that just because you find women a lot more attractive doesn't make you a lesbian. Bisexuality doesn't have to be a 50/50 attraction to both men and women. You can still be bi but more romantically and sexually attracted to women. You can be romantically and sexually attracted to women but be exclusively sexually attracted to men but not romantically. You can be only romantic to both or sexual to both. As a gynosexual bisexual trans woman who has a much stronger attraction to women, I do kinda associate with the lesbian label but I don't think it is the most accurate way of describing my sexuality.

  22. Moral Orel was such a good show isn't?

  23. It indeed was. Too bad it was cancelled for being "too depressing" when it really picked up a lot from there.

  24. I'm a trans girl and I would loving fucking a femboy or some guy in the ass ;p

  25. You should check out Bloom Into You. It's not neccesarily the most healthy romance but it is a very compelling one that develops overtime and it is also between 2 girls. Also, Harley x Ivy is also kinda cute.

  26. Unfortunately due to how gory Harley Quinn is, I cannot enjoy Harlivy. And to be honest I'm disappointed I can't myself, but seriously: the amount of gore of that show is too heavy for me to stand....

  27. I get ya. I personally enjoy it and find it hilarious. Bloom Into You is not gory at all tho and it's a pretty chill show so you won't have any trouble watching it.

  28. Am I the only one who thinks about some kind of sexy dancer when I hear "barista" lmao?

  29. You should definitely watch Mission Hill. That cartoon was very ahead of of its time when it came to its depiction of a gay couple and also irs beautiful artstyle and use of colors. Also, it's overall a very relatable show about being a young adult.

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