BBBY is poised for a Monster Run... Part 2.

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  1. Do you even look at the spx call and put volume levels?

  2. Op you should be careful about talking badly about our Dear Leader! Be lucky they havnt passed laws yet that sends any Albertan to prison for talking badly about Dear Leader!

  3. Not yet, but we'll never know if the the laws will pass since this piece of legislation will allow them to pass laws behind closed doors.

  4. Just wait till they claim executive privilege and immunity.

  5. $53.5 million? Excuse me? Whose getting kickbacks on this project? This doesnt make any sense.

  6. Look at those sausage, working man fingers.

  7. Could we please have someone competent to do an overhaul in health care? Someone that believes that health services are important to Albertans?

  8. Whenever you see significant changes in any government program ask who in private business is going to benefit.

  9. Its irrelevant because there is no limit on how many shares an AP can create.

  10. Dont tell the drs crowd that MM's and ETF's can print shares!

  11. USA cut a deal to get cheap gas from Venezuela for 6 months...

  12. Hey with Danielle Smith bux I can buy 2 of these, paid for by Alberta! Thx Danielle you rock!

  13. Be careful with op, he wants to sell his trading platform.

  14. I see so you just hate Qatar cause of luck now? What else is new that you’re taught to hate on us for? 😅 we’ll never please the non Muslim countries nor do we want to please them. Cause guess what it’s a verse in the Quran where it roughly speaks about that the non Muslims will never be happy or pleased with Muslims until they are copying their ways (chapter and verse number escapes me) And the whole meaning rings true especially within the World Cup the west hate the fact that Qatar is hosting a wc and doing their own version instead of copying the western editions. Personally I think this is one of the best world cups if not the best in regards to the environment of the country itself, but I doubt someone who hasn’t visited and was consuming the western media would agree with my statement 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m sure they know more about my country even though I’ve been here for all my life (27 years).

  15. Did people already forget about the massacres that happened in Qatar a few years ago due to the protests that happened.

  16. Think upst isn’t reliant on any opex occurring? The shorting on it was belligerent last three days

  17. Shhh only dreams now, timers have been set now its time to watch the show.

  18. My take-home from actually reading the minutes, not the 12th-hand news articles about it:

  19. The fed also doesnt want to be responsible for a liquidity crash due to higher interest rates. Its a balancing act and the fed doesnt want the shit to stick on them.

  20. Time to move away from the internet if you think there are signs in a shirt that will direct your financial decisions

  21. I'd argue that the only reliable poll is also the only one that matters: The actual ballot.

  22. I think these polls for a long time have been used to narrate electors into thinking there are trends. So they channel the publics sentiments based upon such polls. When the realities might be entirely divergent.

  23. I think they're pretty much universally clickbait. People will interact with a chart supporting their opinion to cheer it on, and they'll cheer on a chart opposing their opinion to dispute it.

  24. Yeh im agreeing with that. Theyll find their own intrinisic biases. Which makes you wonder what these pollsters really are and how they are funded...

  25. This is such a nonsensical remark. Bbby is printing millions of shares. This is surely a troll post

  26. I don't think anyone is privatizing Alberta health care.

  27. There you have it people, ignore what Danielle Smith has said about privatizing healthcare. MrNoSocks00 has put our minds at ease!

  28. Yeah, I mean I'm not buying it either. BBBY has done many moves similar to his playbook so no way the two aren't associating somehow.

  29. He clearly said 2 visionsnthat werent in line so hes out.

  30. Even if said visions are not in line and thus makes him not want to be an active part in it, doesn't mean that the way the company is maneuvering isn't at the very least resembling something that has been seen, hence the involvement on some level.

  31. I feel sorry for whoever bought BBBY at the top and didn't buy initially pre-August run. But this much fantasy when the technicals are so rotten for bbby. Once bbby files for bankruptcy maybe then reality will set in.

  32. It looks more and more that goverrnment is failing their social contract. The general public upholds their end of the social contract, why has the government abandoned it?

  33. The bottle is made of GLASS... the last time I saw one, it was litter on a pier next to a SEAGULL...

  34. The money isn't in the 3% profit margin but to leverage the market cap of Loblaws for loans and for buyout's. Maintain and grow market cap to have further leverage. Guess who owns 51% of Loblaws...

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