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  1. Vaseline mainly for me (a male) and sometimes I use a yeast infection cream... it's cooling and helps with the itching.

  2. Same for me, on wiping and in the bowl - though I did find that hemorrhoid wipes are wonderful at alleviating the pain - and makes future ventures much nicer.

  3. The thing basically can't be nocked over but takes up most of your desk. Another positive of working from home now drinking coffee out of mugs vs travel mugs.

  4. It's more meant for truck drivers. You can sit it on the dash (the old dashes were often flat) or on your console and the shape didn't allow it to spill over as the vehicle moved.

  5. I initially did this many many years ago. I read Farseer by chance when picking the books up in a bookstore. Then saw that they had just released the first book of Tawney Man and dove into it.

  6. Can never tell if Oppo is a Jedi or a meth head from Skid Row

  7. Been in the driving industry (Non-CDL and CDL) and never heard of a Fatigue and Alertness consultant! Amazing work you're doing! Would love to be in that field and help save lives and jobs.

  8. I mostly work with factories running night shifts, although I helped roll out fatigue-based training for a major trucking company after the Tracy Morgan accident. Most of my work is training shiftworkers on how to handle night shifts and designing and implementing shiftwork schedules that work with the body (and social life) instead of against it. The game design happens mostly during weekends.

  9. I worked third shift for a vending company driving, it was always important to train new drivers and new third shifters for the trials and tribulations of it.

  10. The thumbnail for this made me think that they were C-3PO and R2D2...

  11. I need to stop buying jerseys with names on them.

  12. Be a grownup and stop buying jerseys with other guys names on them

  13. So I have an Every Time I Die sticker and a sticker for my baseball team, whats that percentage?

  14. Depends on how shitty the team is.

  15. I have their license plate holders. Go CBJ!

  16. Just don't go to Calgary, Jersey or Philly! Everywhere else should be fine!

  17. Cici, short for Cookies and Cream.

  18. Yeah Cornhenge is more down to Dublin makes some weird decisions with their public art budget than anything else haha.

  19. That's some Watership Down vibes there. . . or Redwall. . .

  20. I've tried to explain it to non-local friends as "if characters in Redwall were trying to summon Cthulu or something" so I think you're onto something lol.

  21. Cornthulu the Craggy - I think we just co-wrote Redwall fanfiction.

  22. Right? I still don’t understand what alternate reality/timeline we slipped into.

  23. Alar from Kingkiller Chronicles, Will I was taking from the Fable game series, but I bet it can be found elsewhere :p

  24. I didn't think of Fable. Haha, but it makes more sense than my first thought of Will and the Word from Belgariad.

  25. i have a dust buster. Craftsman 20v battery pack vacuum. It works wonders on my work and rest space at home.

  26. A lot of people have already answered but I'll throw in my thoughts.

  27. and probably get more attention.

  28. Yea, the choice was you dont get it and lose your livelihood, or get it and keep going.

  29. You probably feel 93 because you don't take sound medical advice.

  30. Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry's are my favorite common brands for ice cream. Jeni's ice cream though, if you can find it, is a tier above both those brands IMO. They cost $12 a pint at my local Whole Foods but it's so worth it.

  31. Graeter's is the superior Ohio ice cream.

  32. Yeah. As a nurse I can understand that. The average person has no idea the amount of verbal and physical abuse healthcare workers have to suffer from patients and families. I’m on my way out and that’s a big factor.

  33. I was visiting my wife in the hospital two days ago, and the amount of cursing and bitching patients did to their nurses was insane. I was embarrassed for those people. I understand mental illness effects people in some of these cases but some were just insanely rude for no reason.

  34. Met him at a couple hockey games - super genuine guy. Very sad.

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