1. Sadly this is a genuine position some people hold.

  2. I'm glad glasses and lazik was invented before they could say stuff like that, everyday i'm glad glasses exist and i can experience life with them.

  3. I love both series for different reasons. I think the plot in 03 is more interesting, but it's held back by some really convenient and/or contrived storytelling and under-explained powers. I think a lot of the characters are either more interesting or unique takes in 03, like its take on Lust, it has some of my favorite action scenes, it has way better music (imo), better presentation, and it's more emotionally resonant to me.

  4. The action scenes in 03 definitely do not hold well, i watched it like 4 years ago and it looked rouuugh.

  5. Really? You don't think they hold up? I think they hold up great. While the art and animation are definitely not as clean as FMA:B, I think the mechanics of the fights hold up extremely well. Both fights between Ed and Greed, Ed, Al and Lust vs Sloth and Wrath and Ed and Al vs Sloth in the abandoned factory, Al vs Wrath, Mustang vs Pride, Ed vs Slasher, I thought they were great. My favorite bit is when Ed's arm stops working properly in the abandoned factory while Al's body is being controlled by Sloth. He has to avoid fighting Al directly while he runs around carving two halves of a transmutation circle into to separate tables, then he and Al combine them to freeze Sloth. I thought it was a great use of Ed's intelligence and a reminder that he actually is an alchemist, so he's able to use transmutation circles if needed.

  6. They don't hold up from a visual perspective because most of the fights are straight up manga panels with almost no animation, which kinda surprised me to be faire.

  7. Ask them their opinion about the Russian soldiers who sided against the white army and established the first soviets, would be some fun answers LULW.

  8. . . . .Read all three options very slowly. Say them out loud to yourself as well. And do the same with the original question. Are all three saying they should in fact not kill Joel off?

  9. I have no problem with that choice, it made sense, it 100% made sense for a sequel, were people not expecting consequences to the acts of the first game?

  10. It definitely is meant to tell you something, it's called.

  11. As Forgotten Weapons says about french weapons : No one copies the French and the French copies no one.

  12. If you have a shit GPU, it can be very slow to render frames in video games of high resolution. DLSS uses a neural network to take lower resolution images and upscale them to a higher resolution in a very efficient manner with minimal loss of information. The tech has gotten better through updates, and now is quite good. Most good games have it as an option you can toggle in the settings.

  13. Well to be fair, DLSS is mostly implemented on RTX cards, not what i'd call proletariat GPUs, FSR on the other hand is used by everything, PS5, Series X/S and Proletariat GPUs NEED FSR to achieve higher resolutions.

  14. You're right but i don't want vaush to go.

  15. Yes, actually. "Deleting" something from your harddrive only marks that storage as able to be overwritten with new data. Until that is done, the data remains intact. The safest way to hide is to either encrypt or render the harddrive inoperable.

  16. Yeah you're gonna have to physically damage the hard drive, and if it's an SSD? juice it up with some electrical discharges.

  17. I just don't get how "Gay Homo" is a double negative at all. I guess it implies they think being gay is negative? I'll chalk it up to homophobia

  18. Further context: it seems the main thing people are saying is the guy should be doing the chores, and that he wouldn't be as supportive if "she was eating a bucket of KFC and bingewatching Netflix" (direct quote).

  19. Yeah they are basically interpreting his intent, typical twitterites.

  20. Nah redditors will just outright insult you it's absolutely not the same thing.

  21. I mean didn't the Taliban call of peace between both? They were the earliest advocates for peace.

  22. Nope. What’s dumb is the wizardly world in Harry Potter perpetually stuck, culturally and technologically, in some idealized version of early 20th century British culture where obviously beneficial technology is simply ignored. And it’s never really addressed why.

  23. The game is set in the 19th century, i'm pretty sure whatever spell they have is more efficient than a musket anyway.

  24. "Command & Conquer says they're tanks, and that's where I get all my military facts from."

  25. So when are we deploying Titans and Mammoths MK 2 in Ukraine? what is the GDI doing sitting duck?

  26. That particular one is a model of the Howitzer M109, which is the most common of the SPGs. Michael could have easily read the Wikipedia page on SPGs and found that they would get decimated by AT missiles, but I guess he doesn't like being right.

  27. Like yeah if you think any huge metal box is a tank then a pillbox is a tank, a bunker is a tank, a tank is a tank...etc

  28. Hot take but I do think a Tank is a Tank

  29. That's a dangerously hot take right here.

  30. Because those people do not give a single shit about their own tradition, it's a virtue signaling, they don't realize that men crying in fiction is like the basis of so many classic books.

  31. He did a co-tweet with Keffals and might go on her show.

  32. I will NOT tolerate blue cheese slander. Accept the mold. Embrace it. It's tasty. Full of forbidden flavors.

  33. Even Chris Redfield embraces the Mold, join us.

  34. But it is delicious, OP prolly hates spicy food and would say Mexican or Tunisian food is bad.

  35. Lets pretend you unironically loved Tate, lets say you even got yourself out of a bad spot in life by adopting some of his attitudes with self up and improvement. Wouldn't you recognize that between the rape, sex trafficking, and underage girls, he should be arrested? Is there a reason they think its all fake or do they really want their human trafficking, raping hero to be free.

  36. Pretty sure people didn't like Bill Cosby because of him being a rapist, but because he was a competent comedian, Tate on the other hand, people like him because he is the embodiment of modern mysoginy, i'd say in this case, they either agree with r*pe, or they think the matrix got Tate, either way, they are lost.

  37. I voted her so yes that's not even a surprise.

  38. •The Boomer's primary attack is to launch a stream of vomit which can hit multiple Survivors that are close to him.

  39. They also have powerful grenade launchers and hurl "Boom" everytime they shoot at you, forcing you to take cover and are virtually immune to Lancer attacks.

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