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  1. I bet he's catholic who can't use protection, so he makes sure you're capable of living on his terms

  2. Painting sadness on children's faces doesn't make you an artist

  3. If you had $0/year for several years, how are you not dead? Either you’re lying, or you weren’t that poor.

  4. You're right that I'd be dead if I made $0/year, that's why I just took every possible job and kept learning my profession by myself. By "every possible job" I mean I was going and asking businesses if they need help, e.g. with computers or even some cleaning jobs. Then I was hired for half of the minimum wage at a call center, with no contract and medical insurance, but still turning to crime wasn't an option to me. I just kept looking for other opportunities. For much much lower than your welfare, with similar costs of living. But even those temporary jobs were unstable and I'd go into debt if I stayed there, and I needed medical insurance, so I moved. Actually with income like yours, you can save enough money to move to any place in the world and work there. And you won't tell me there's no job in the entire world.

  5. You would be surprised how socially inept and clueless I can be, having been a developmentally-stunted shut-in with no friends for practically all of my childhood years, with shitty neglectful parents, and my only exposure to the outside world having been through the internet and all the toxicity that that would have imparted onto my innocent young mind (eg. 4chan)

  6. Same here. I'm so angry I lost lots of friends due to that and no matter how hard I tried, there was always something wrong with the way I act. You just don't realize something might be offensive. Some people explicitly said they're going no contact with me, while others just accepted stupid shit without telling me, like if I new. But I wish I knew, now I cringe so hard at my old self. And even today I often have no clue if I'm OK or not, the only way to cause no direct harm is to stay quiet, but then I'd give everyone this creepy vibe. People need to know what's going on in their friends minds and this thing has to be appropriate.

  7. While the MRA movement is definitely toxic as hell and infested with crazies, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some legitimate men’s rights issues. How society treats men who are sexually assaulted or abused by women is another issue, though a lot of that stems from toxic masculinity attitudes.

  8. Victim blaming, congratulations. Imagine you said the same with opposite genders, stating that women are responsible for being assaulted. Disgusting.

  9. That's very speciesist of you. I even had to Google that word to describe how disrespectful is your behavior.

  10. “Everytime I’m out” because you and your friends are loser degenerates

  11. I understood it differently, more like explanation why OP is afraid to leave home. I'm not a native speaker, so can anyone correct me if I'm wrong?

  12. i think they're saying that everytime they watch the video, they laugh their ass off

  13. Damn it. So let him burn in hell. And thank you for fast and helpful response!

  14. for me, 22 was peak, until 27 or so was ok and then it fell off a cliff. 37 now and the last decade sucked.

  15. I'm 27 and want to ride my bike, get drunk, and stay up till 1:00. Call me immature but that sounds like a hell of a lot better night than watching a TV show.

  16. I don't get why are you downvoted, any downvoter can comment on this?

  17. It's pretty straightforward. The proposal would be to remove the federal income tax entirely and replace it with a national sales tax instead. You wouldn't pay any money when you earn money, only when you spend money.

  18. Pretty bad that you apologized. You did nothing wrong, it's her role to support you, especially when she declared she would like to. I'm sorry, but you've been betrayed. There's nothing left to repair. She's that nasty kind of person that wouldn't even visit you in a hospital if something happened, because she wants a perfect life and you don't fit in that schema, like most people wouldn't fit. Actually, she's the kind of person I hate absolutely the most. I've known people like this, no emapthy, having perfect lives and strongly believing that every traumatized person doesn't belong to their world. It took me so many years to realize I'm not worse than others, because I was abused, that it tells nothing about me, but just the abusers.

  19. Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.

  20. It's actually being a minute or two away from heaven.

  21. Couldn’t disagree more. I think about it constantly and I’ve been in a good place for a while.

  22. If you still have to worry, you're not financially stable. In my opinion, financial stability is when you have savings to live for one year without a job, spend less than you earn and have no debt.

  23. He never said he was worrying about it, just thinking about it. I totally get it. My wife and I are very financially stable now and still frequently mention how nice it is. We were both dirt poor grad students for about 5 years of our relationship (Ph.D's and very early career). Being poor leaves a mark on you that I don't think ever really goes away completely.

  24. Believe me, I used to be extremely poor, since I was born up to 5 years into my career. But it didn't leave a permanent mark on me. I just learned how to live normally, using the money. It was kind of re-learing actually. Few years into this I buy only high quality nice fitting clothes, go to restaurants, use every service giving me convenience etc. without this awful automatic thought: "is this expense justified?". It also changed what I think is a reasonable price for everything.

  25. They're not sneaking around. Their mother knew that they were there already. The only person who didn't know was OP. The twins probably didn't tell OP because she would have wanted to hangout with them. And then OP would have pouted if they said no. And then written a reddit post with all the creative language for people to assume that there is nefarious activity going on with the twins.

  26. If the mother also knew, it's harsh as hell. I would go no contact with all three of them. Seems like OP's mother always enabled such exclusion.

  27. They're twins they're gonna have a twin bond, I'm a twin and we have a bond that's different compared to the one we have with our non twin siblings. (Obv not in every case- some twins hate one another)But the real issue is the way they exclude the other non twin sibling (OP) in this story, its real crappy and real weird how they go about it. there should be no reason to lie about petty stuff but op also seems a little jealous or just fed up, or both and doesnt seem to understand that twins that get along will usually choose each other over non twin sibling to hang out with. It's a twin thing. But I just don't get the lying about it and being sneaky! The way this is written makes it seem that there is more going on between them, and I'm doin my best not to see it in this way. And if OP had already discussed staying in the room with the sister twin & it was agreed upon, but brother twin took up that space in secret-- yeah that's weird. Why do they have to sneak?

  28. Sex without any kind of commitment. Really ideally no sex before marriage, but the western sexually liberated mindset makes it really hard.

  29. Government giving freeloaders more money than most of the working people make. I have to take part in it, because I have to pay the taxes. And what's even worse, every time I get a raise, government also does, so the more I make, the more I support that shitty government where I live.

  30. $100 note is definitely shorter than 4 inches, but everyone enjoys it.

  31. We met through some mutual friends at a friends New Year’s party. We started spending a lot of time together and eventually we started dating. Looking back on it I perused her way harder than she pursued me. I should’ve known she wasn’t into me.

  32. That's going to be difficult for you, but I think you're trying to convince yourself she wasn't into you since the beginning, which might not be the case. Killing the sexuality when the flame is the strongest (at the beginning, the actual honeymoon) changes the dynamics. I know a lot about it, as my wife wanted to wait, but I didn't and it had a negative outcome.

  33. I think adds on some apps, where you actually can find good recomendations, but you always skip it

  34. Yeah, I can't see the point of paying for showing such popups, I literally never considered buying something because of a commercial. If I need something, then I do my own research. Sometimes, but very rarely, some ad actually tells me that new category of products exists (like wireless vacuum cleaners) and I'm grateful for that, but I don't even remember what brand was advertising it.

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