Smithfield Foods' Vice President of Corporate Affairs denying there is anything wrong with treating pigs like this

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  1. Huge amounts of land were dedicated to producing hay and other animal feed when horses, mules and oxen where used for transportation and the movement of goods and machinery.

  2. Huge amounts of land still are used for animal feed. While unlikely to happen, it's estimated that global farm land could be reduced by 75% if everyone ate plant based.

  3. Pls stop supporting this industry

  4. Reminder that the carbon footprint was a concept from an oil company to shift responsibility to consumers.

  5. Reminder that Natwest invests your money in oil companies and alternative banks exist that don't.

  6. At least with a dairy farm, we don't have to rely on the whims of corporations and shareholders for production

  7. Not really. Most farmers don't sell milk to direct to consumers. They sell it to big corporations like Arla and Muller who set the price, quantity and how much they sell it on for. The system is already broke.

  8. Submission statement - Precision fermentation is a super interesting technology. It's been used for decades to produce insulin for diabetics but now is becoming cheap enough to make less expensive products such as milk. Requiring way less land, energy and water, this technology could help ease the environmental destruction of dairy farming.

  9. Because we subsidise the hell out of it. No one would be able to afford meat if we didn't because it is so inefficient to produce.

  10. Meat can be ethically sourced, it's just hard to decipher whether or not it's just marketing bullshit. Animals that live a happier life taste better too.

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