US House speaker lands in Taiwan amid threats of Chinese retaliation

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  1. This is going to get good, only question is just how far deep the rabbit hole does this go?

  2. Women also have the option to leave a relationship. It’s not men who are the only ones capable of doing that

  3. You’ve completely missed the point of my post. Although you could argue men hold more leverage in a relationship, that doesn’t mean that they can gate-keep one. To be able to gate-keep relationships people need to line up to want to be in a relationship with you.

  4. Bond has meaning, the timeframe of such bond is another matter

  5. using "bond" to refer to the act of simply forming a couple for any amount of time just short circuits it's usefulness as a concept. TRPs make tge claim that "high n women" lose some "capacity to pair bond" and support it with divorce statistics

  6. Looks like China wants to speed up the reunification process in Taiwan due to this

  7. Now you’re just being intentionally obtuse. I said they don’t have enough missiles with the range to use all their warheads on us. Not that they can’t hit us with any of them.

  8. Wow you’re sure confident about things you don’t know about. The DF5 currently being fielded can theoretically handle 3-8. The one with 10 is in testing. Most analysts think DF-41s hold 3 with the rest being used for ensuring penetration. 16x3=48 and 20*5=100. It’s simple math they can’t.

  9. China has more than 300 - 400 warheads but

  10. Looks like WW3 the pacific theater is about to pop off with this Taiwan issue.

  11. They've got some major issues too, if the US is in a recession, I can only imagine what will come of the Chinese economy. They are just better at hiding it.

  12. I don't need to, whether I know someone in the armed forces or not is not the issue.

  13. our military would destroy any would be insurgency. i hope the ultra maga and super maga people try to step up and get put in their place and get put down for good.

  14. We don’t age faster because then men would largely outlive women by 15 years and they don’t. Our collagen declines faster but not all the time and this has to do largely with our hormones and the rate we might loose collagen rather than the rate of Collagen production.

  15. It’s an interesting point in life, the closer we get to really good, cheap AI and automation it could indeed wipe out vast swaths of employment for people with the time and cost to retrain those displaced being excessive. We could hit a tipping point where a universal basic income becomes a necessity in a developed first world economy. Or, you know, there’s another revolution and those displaced masses burn it all to the ground.

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