1. They can steal elections in full daylight now and we can’t do anything about it. Our system is badly failing us

  2. No, no, no, you don't understand! Them not having total control of everything is standing in the way of utopia. This is actually a good thing because once they have total power they will make everything perfect!

  3. My friend is in love with Javascript and keeps putting out the same sentiment. I get it, it's pretty convenient. I have to keep reminding him that no matter how awesome Javascript is, it's not for every task, and because it is an interpreted language, it will never have the speed that C++ has (after complilation and during runtime) when it comes to working on most of the core aspects of my custom game engine. But I am considering looking into using it as a one of the scripting languages for the engine scripts. I still think Javascript is pretty rad though.

  4. JavaScript has its place but it plays way too loose with just like everything. I wouldn't trust it for anything other than front end web stuff. My reaction when I first heard about Node.js was literally "What? Why? Who wants that?"

  5. That's the sort of thing I'm talking about. The standard libraries are a nonsensical mess.

  6. I want technical debt to sound nasty. It's supposed to sound scary. It's supposed to be kept to a minimum so it doesn't one day turn into a horrible monster that eats your ability to get anything done. If you find technical debt terrifying you're doing it right.

  7. You and me both, I'm so sick and tired of building software, and when it comes to certain aspects every team makes the same mistakes because that aspect is not the priority. I literally just tried to prevent some the other day and it was the same old song and dance. Im lead dev but not tech lead, which is a weird dynamic but whatever. I told my manager and the PM that I want it documented that I am against this and it's going to create months of work within 2 years. Backed up with 3 other projects that are literally in the process of going through fixes as they have been out in the wild long enough to blow up

  8. Yeah my last job's code was an abhorrent horror that you only get out of 20 years of technical debt. I pointed it out to my boss and mentioned some problems that were going to start happening. There were also multiple instances where something that should have taken a day or two took weeks instead or got bogged down in the many layers of micromanagement and process they implemented to in theory keep bad code from getting into the system.

  9. You downvote the fourth reply in a chain. If you notice a chain is about to get its fourth reply you make the reply and accept the downvotes without complaint.

  10. If you ever have a relationship issue in your life, no matter how minimal the issue, the only solutions are divorce, therapy, or going no contact.

  11. I hit my lawyer, gymmed my wife, and divorced my therapist. Now what?

  12. Yeah, that and the meeting where everyone but the person with the requirements shows up and rather than postponing the meeting someone insists we have it anyway and guess what the requirements might be.

  13. Just pencil it in with the other 7 hours of meetings that day then wait for management to scream about nothing getting done but these meetings being important so you have to be at them.

  14. Somebody, somewhere must be. At my last job though they created an environment that was hostile to getting anything done then fired me for not getting anything done.

  15. I got the same problem with one of my dwarven gods. I've ordered ~20 statutes of god, but each time there was some random historical person. If you want to create an exact person - choose 'specify a new image' - 'historical person'. Done - they will do exact person, not any 'related' images

  16. The theater entered clown world, and it's not coming back. It's crazy the dipshits in power really think this messaging is doing something. I mean, sure, it does work on metards, but eventually you run out of steam and realize most of the nation is still white people lol.

  17. People are realizing that it's largely post hoc justification for whatever they decided to do ahead of time. Aside from that more and more grifters are being exposed as it's become clear they just say whatever they need to say to win any argument in the moment. Anybody that disagrees with them is a racist so give them more power or you're a bad person.

  18. Yeah turns out you can really only yell racism at your working class so long.

  19. This is also why they keep changing the words they use. They find something people don't like being accused of, milk it for all it's worth, and then move on to something else. It really is just all linguistic tricks and rhetorical fuckery but now that more people are getting wise to it that's just not working in general.

  20. As a hardworking individual of hispanic decent who values family, I'm apparently also a white supremacist by dem standards.

  21. They've actually said that "whiteness" doesn't refer to race but rather a set of attitudes. Their argument was that the majority will necessarily rig everything in their own favor which is why white people do the best in America. People started looking at the numbers and pointing out that no white people are not doing the best in America. Asians and Jews are doing better than white people. So, as these grifters tend to do, they just shuffled the definitions around. Now "whiteness" has nothing to do with race. The argument for a while was that white people gave Asians and Jews access to whiteness as "model minorities" even though the argument made absolutely no fucking sense. Eventually they just settled on "everybody that isn't a communist is a white supremacist." Even then though for precisely this reason the arguments are floundering as people are increasingly realizing that they do this crap every time somebody finds a flaw in their argument. When they started accusing black people that got somewhere using hard work and determination of white supremacy it was pretty clear they had no intention on ever arguing in good faith. They just say whatever they need to say to be right in the moment.

  22. The Orks already won. Seriously, they're having the time of their lives. Lots of great fights to be had everywhere all the time.

  23. Clearly you just didn't add enough lanes. When your city is nothing but traffic lanes your traffic problems will go away.

  24. Why would this ever be a factor in hiring?

  25. It's my birthday in a month and I graduated with those assassins. They pull the best pranks. I can't wait.

  26. Oh that's easy to deal with. Just make sure your deck is all attacks!

  27. No, Superman is Zoeey Deschanel. Very important distinction.

  28. Psyker falls in love with a Pariah. Loves and hates her at the same time.

  29. That happens in the Eisenhorn books. Alizabeth Bequin is a pretty powerful blank and Eisenhorn can't stand being physically close to her. Despite that he ends up caring very deeply for her and she becomes one of his closest companions. He tries to get physically close to her a few times but finds it way too painful. If memory serves they never even hug even though he admits that he actually loves her despite the problem that psykers and blanks have.

  30. I’m not sure if you’re being serious, but I could believe it.

  31. There's more to it than that but it was a component. The bigger thing is that people and cats don't really compete for food but cats eat things that we really wanted to keep away from our food. This especially became an issue when agriculture and long term food storage really became things. That just attracted anything else that also ate those things which included a lot of rodents. Cats of course eat rodents so people went "oh hey you eat these things that keep getting into our food and you're kind of cute...I guess you guys can stay."

  32. It genuinely amuses me that "befriend the humans" is such a viable survival strategy now.

  33. Everyone providing cover for the Biden family crime ring. They demonize the right with “Ultra MAGA” and such to justify their unconstitutional actions. We have reached banana republic status.

  34. The unitparty is corrupt and has been for a very long time. Washington is no longer performing its intended purpose and is instead just lining their own pockets. The swamp has been exposed. The lights are on and the cockroaches ae scattering.

  35. Bouncer, security. Fat or not, the bigger you are, the more threatening you look (not really, but this is the mindset when hiring security guards. They want somebody that people would think twice about messing with, and sometimes that straight up just translates to being tall and wide.)

  36. Weight is universally an advantage in a fight. Even if he can't fight for shit if things go down the 350 pound guy can just lay on you and that's that.

  37. I just want a job where they pay me fairly and leave me the fuck alone so I can actually do my job.

  38. If a job doesn't post a salary I just assume they're going to dick me over as hard as possible. If you look these companies up on job boards that has a tendency to be true.

  39. Can dwarfs still create an artifact with an image of itself on it? I always enjoy those, but haven't noticed one in a while.

  40. They (edit: some) are totally fine with technology for commerce, they just keep it out of the home environment or community space. I worked with an Amish contractor who keeps his smartphone in a special shed on his property, he goes and checks for voicemail a couple of times a day and calls people back if needed. He had an email account too and that was the only place he checked it.

  41. The really old order Amish shun technology completely but overall they're accepting some pieces of technology as necessities. Cell phones are probably the biggest one; good luck existing without one in any capacity these days. Granted there's a lot of different Amish communities who take it to different levels. Some of them have even accepted cars so long as they're modest and painted black.

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