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  1. My doctor told me they don't test people over 3 years old. So fuck her.

  2. As a small child, I remember visiting my parents friends there who were in a fundraiser peddling away on stationary bikes in the centre of the mall.

  3. In what way. I’ve been going there for over 10 years and haven’t noticed and change

  4. If you have a pot and a stove, you can make stovetop popcorn.

  5. For the love of god, yes, turn the damn corner! It’s literally designed that way to help traffic.

  6. I've never heard them called 'empire biscuits' here—only 'imperial cookies'. Anyway, the best are probably High Tea Bakery in St. James. I believe they made some for the royal visit a few years back.

  7. Empire is the Scottish term. I was confused the first time I heard my grandma say it as well.

  8. By the book, check your Collective agreement, but there is paid leave for "personal selection" which is exactly for this usage.

  9. I’m convinced your cool. The whites make your face so much brighter than the creams and the cool tones browns are really nice. Your metal test wasn’t the best either, I’m cool toned and gold looked the same on me. Definitely deep as well.

  10. Really?! I'm almost certain I'm warm. Here's a

  11. This metal test isn’t the best cause the silver is not the greatest measure. Maybe if you have some white gold or lighter (non-pewter coloured) silver to try and in natural lighting.

  12. I’ve never tried spring! I think I’m stuck on autumn because of my red hair and fair skin, I always have been told olive and terra cotta are my colors lol. But I’ll take a look at spring. Thanks!

  13. You will now notice it everywhere. Many have stickers of a hand doing an “okay” (which symbolizes a W) on the back of their trucks, often rams. Edit: grammar, poorly written

  14. It is alarming that these local folks are running for school trustee and obviously their affiliation with these dubious groups should not be discounted, but it's also important to recognize it's a reflection of a culture war is actively being fought in the US around public education reform; around funding of public schools, teaching race and racism in schools, COVID, in addition to sex education. It's become more active here in the last couple of years too, even without looking at the failed Education Modernization Act (bill 64).

  15. thank you!! i wasn't sure if i could pull off white or fuschia (typical winter colors) which was why i was hestitant, however i feel like black looks the best on me which is very winter haha

  16. thank you!! of the colors, was there one you thought looked best?

  17. I'm actually not sold on you being cool-toned. I'd need more drapes to know, but I'm actually getting strong Dark Autumn vibes from these photos alone. That first berry lip color looks ok, but IMO something warmer would look more harmonious.

  18. Agreed. And what sold it for me: the lip is a cool red and the bracelet is a warm red. The bracelet colour was much better and in harmony.

  19. I’ve heard this as well. However, I wouldn’t even know where to start when looking for a vet outside the perimeter. You wouldn’t have any recommendations would you??

  20. would cut their toenails at their work station. (a male)

  21. Ugh! I think I heard someone in the office doing this. I can’t stand anyone who cuts their nails in public. Go to the bathroom and do it over the garbage, if you must!!

  22. I used to buy it at Dino’s in the freezer, pre-made. It was in a pizza box I think? I would just pull one out to thaw as needed.

  23. Ugh, same thing is happening to me today as well. I tried on multiple computers and browsers as well. It’s a system issue on their end and incredibly frustrating.. Will just keep trying everyday until it is resolved..

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