1. In my recent games, I have stopped caring about victory so much as attempting to build continent-spanning canal systems. I have had one game where I actually succeeded where my Navy could cross from one ocean to the other by passing through the continent rather than going around it.

  2. I'm currently more concerned whether Ash Greninja will be transferrable from Home than if he'll get a Paradox form

  3. Bummer. Also, kind of silly to hand out a Pokemon that is only usable for one generation.

  4. Some of the paradox mon are pretty odd choices, I mean I get they're giving some not so popular ones some love, but these wouldn't have been my first choices to be sure.

  5. Brute Bonnet is weird. Iron Julius is worse than the original. Iron Bundle got a massive boost in stays from the original. I might eventually use Iron Moth and Iron Thorns.

  6. I agree, goddamn Iron Julius with his roman nose 👃

  7. Lol I corrected it from Julius to Jugulis and then I guess my phone just changed it back again out of spite

  8. And then the game crashes as you hatch a shiny! I’ve had quite a few random crashes since launch day. Those were enough to scare me into never turning autosave off like I did with SWSH.

  9. I experienced one crash about 40 hours in and none since.

  10. Cartridge from the double pack to be specific which I’m going to assume makes no difference in the printing of the cartridge..

  11. I had heard on the internet rumour mill that digital copies crashed more often than cartridges, but it seems that hasn't been your fortune.

  12. He threw away his lightsaber at then end. That as always a sign that he had grown beyond physically fighting his enemy, for me.

  13. And then Palpatine electro-toasted him until Vader saved his ass.

  14. Game Freak handed me an open world to explore and I went and explored it. Does that mean I was 30 hours in with only three gyms and two Star bases under belt and my team all over lvl 60?

  15. Aight, so a few theories. Some are crazier than others.

  16. I took five years because I was working 2+ jobs at the time.

  17. As a conservative, I can’t wait until the next time an environmental group blocks traffic to an oil pipeline or lumber yard.

  18. They just send the RCMP after you pretty darn fast if it's away from the public eye.

  19. I know the focus has shifted, but 20 years ago communication was not a focus. I remember days upon days of drilling conjugation of verbs. It is no wonder that so few of us actually can converse in French.

  20. I went though that "Core French" education and came out the other end with some conjugation skills and a small collection of French vocabulary. Ended up living in France for two years and those skills resulting from 10 years of public education were almost useless. Immersion in the language was (and is) the only way to learn communication.

  21. Yep, that's how I found a Scizor. Also, you can also get Gengar from trading with an NPC in Levincia. Unlike that demon Mindy, she doesn't put an ever stone on Haunter so you get a free Gengar for a little Pinchurin!

  22. Technically, you’re wrong. Hisuian Voltorb/Electrode aren’t apriballs, they’re just the old PLA pokèballs

  23. In PLA you're literally making Pokeballs out of apricorns. They're apriballs — just not the stylized ones that Kurt makes.

  24. Gallade’s future form is the closets imo; instead of just “robot” the “scythe arms” are actual weapons.

  25. I figured Iron Valiant was the convergence of Gallade and Gardevoir, since it has both visual features of both and the secondary types of both (dropping the Psychic type).

  26. I am making good progress on the Japanese Pokédex due to surprise trades after sending off starter breedjects

  27. What? Like in the that Pokemon movie with the Unown and the little girl wished an Entei into existence?

  28. Like that gen 5 mechanic feature thingy

  29. Ohhhh. I hadn't played a Pokemon game since Ruby until 2017. It has taken me five years to play through all the past ones and catch up.

  30. Pretty sure when that part of her was shown certain artists gain the ability to be faster than the speed of light

  31. You could run from Sharpedo and get away. Veluza will find you at your school dorm room and jump you.

  32. Counter has been the absolute BANE of my existence doing 5☆s solo...

  33. I was fighting a 5 star Hariyama and it was just wrecking my Iron Hands with Counter.

  34. I only evolved one and got family of three. I later looked it up and some source I can’t remember told me family of three is exclusive to scarlet and family of four is exclusive to violet. Similar to the fire/water tauros. Cool to know I got a rare one!

  35. Probably false info. Playing violet and have evolved both a three and four member family.

  36. Shiny egg hunt question: Do you have to eat the shiny boosting sandwich when you make the eggs or when you're hatching the eggs for the boost to be effective?

  37. Nooo, you just have to make a sandwich that is egg power level 1/2/3 to generate eggs, and having the meal effect makes the hatch quicker too. Using the shiny charm, and Masuda method gives you a better chance of 1/512.

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