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  1. I think Magneto should be played by a Jewish actor.

  2. Samuel L. Jackson killed. He was the humor crux of the movie.

  3. Beautiful cosplay! You look amazing as Toga!

  4. Justice League/Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  5. Huh, so it was around before Bruce Timm…

  6. Your assumption of how the OFA boost would work is kinda weird ngl, but it makes some sense.

  7. What’s weird about the boosts? I gave logical (at least imo) boosts to each of the quirks.

  8. Just the specifics, you wouldn't exactly know how many rules New Order would allow you with OFA, and you wouldn't know how much stronger Glamour is.

  9. No, but these are educated guesses using what we already know about the quirks and how they could be taken further.

  10. And when everyone told me I was wrong!!!

  11. I’d say you are the daughter of Athena.

  12. No problem! I’m glad you like it. Now, let’s make it official!

  13. Hearing everyday things from different cultural perspectives is really interesting! Sitting on a stool in the shower never occurred to me!

  14. Well, my list would differ depending on if I was in the real world or the MHA world.

  15. 1—pointless diversity, one of many reasons being to piss off JK. Harry is half-Asian, Ron is trans, Hermione is black, Seamus is gay and Dean is bisexual (the two get in a relationship after Dean breaks up with Ginny), Ginny and Voldemort are both non-binary, Snape is demisexual, Luna is aro/ace, Draco is pansexual, and Dumbledore is still gay.

  16. This is awesome! The artwork is beautiful, the story is intriguing—fantastic all around!

  17. Big Wheel. He’d get some money and make a bigger big wheel. Doesn’t affect me at all.

  18. I don’t know many Japanese singers or bands, but I think Mashiro Ayano could do a good job in season 7 (if she’s still making music, I haven’t heard much of her in a while).

  19. I don’t know if she was hiding it—I think it’s just that she never bothered to uncover the mask before. It wasn’t anything intentional.

  20. Well, I really mean the artist that is making My Hero. It was a choice to arrange things in order to conceal 13 at all times, until now.

  21. Oh, well then I have no idea. Maybe Horikoshi thought her being a “living black hole”—as in, not having a body and being contained in the space suit—might be a cool idea, but he later saw the opportunity to make another cute female character and took it.

  22. Is Lex not confirmed to be the smartest?

  23. I’d like to see the source to that. I feel it’s unlikely that Batman is smarter than Lex Luthor. Doesn’t Lex have a 12th level intellect?

  24. There’s a Batman Ninja anime movie, a Batman manga, etc.

  25. I moved out of NY a while ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. New York has become a breeding ground for vigilantes and crazy world-ending events. I’m good living in the suburbs, thanks.

  26. If Mrs. Afton is of similar age to William (that is, being born in the same decade), and MatPat is right about William being born in the 30’s, then she’d be about 100 during Security Breach.

  27. This show is some of the best TV I’ve ever watched—Horikoshi (the writer of the manga) is a masterful storyteller, able to weave in so many plot lines seamlessly. As an author, I envy his talent.

  28. Beautiful cosplay! You look amazing as Toga!

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