1. Because in the process they're also wasting a whole ass teammate.

  2. People also probably don't know how little the (Nzxt manual for their products) actually help. I just got a computer put together and had I not seen the plug earlier I would've screamed trying to figure out where it went... So I totally understand why he asked lol

  3. Why would you have screamed? The mobo manual has all the ports that are on your board listed in it lol. The case manual only tells you what the cable is, you go to your motherboard manual to find out if you have a port for it and where it goes. It's really not as hard as people make it out to be if they just pay attention.

  4. Eh my point was just more that for the first time PC builders myself included that stuff gets pretty confusing really quick and can just as easily get overwhelming between realizing halfway through cable management is also gunna be "fun". Sure one look over of the mobo and the manual can help a lot but the stress of "I just spent anywhere between budget to college tuition" can easily push common sense out the window. But I guess not everyone can be as all knowing as some people when building a pc

  5. Isn't that exactly what a manual is for? For when you get confused? I don't understand that logic. That's literally the point of a manual. PC building is fun, but when I get stuck, I turn to the one thing designed to help you get un-stuck. If the stress of the money you spent impedes your ability to problem solve then I don't know what to tell you, sounds like an irrational 'you' problem. Hell I've built 20+computers for friends, family, and myself and I STILL consult manuals, especially since all mobo's are different and their PCI/sata lanes are different for installing ssd's and such. Took me 5 hours to build my first computer, and every single question or problem I had was within one of the manuals that came with my parts.

  6. Go look at Rahools inventory and tell me ascendant shards (the material you need to get enhanced traits) isn’t that expensive. Go ahead.

  7. The ascendant alloy? The thing you can get by playing wellsprings, nightmare containment, master ketchcrash and legendary story missions? The material I haven't needed to buy once? Yeah that's crazy. I don't think it's expensive, but I also have 80k shards, I can see why someone would think they are. But you should be playing the activities that drop them regularly, not buying em.

  8. I guess that’s a good point. Looking back I haven’t had to buy any, except for the one time that they made it 2 for the price of 1 to remedy a glitch around the middle of Season 17, which I didn’t have to buy, but I had an excess of shards from Guardian Games and it was a worthwhile purchase. However, that still leaves the issue of play time. Even with an efficient grinding method, it still takes a while to get your guns up to the right level to get the perfect god roll with enhanced perks. What’s your solution to that? It also takes away a lot of the benefit of leveling your gun past like, level 6 for several guns, unless you have a Memento (and most people probably don’t.)

  9. I just sit in shuro chi for an hour. Takes about that long to go from level 1 to 17 for me. Is it fun that way? No, but I'll have a stream or netflix on my other screen while I farm.

  10. My case came with all those fused into one USB sized plug, makes it so much easier than all those separate ones.

  11. I'm surprised they're even on the shelves. I used to work for a value village in my teens and half the consoles they got they just threw out. I scrounged a ps2 and some other old consoles out of the trash. Perfectly working too, so wasteful.

  12. I totally forgot I had the Whisper of the Worm catalyst…sat on the roof of the garage in the center and plinked away. After a couple of hours, up to 50%! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Jesus, couple hours for 50%? I just went to shuro chi and did it in a couple minutes

  14. After 4.000hrs I can assure you. There's almost zero hackers/cheaters. People just invest a Shitton of time into the game. Me included obviously

  15. Woah woah c'mon guys, he's probably being truthful. He said he has a 4.0 k/d, so I totally believe him when he says he's never gone against a cheater, I probably wouldn't run into them either when I only run snipers so I can get one kill and then extract to pad my k/d lmao

  16. First of all. There are no cheaters/hackers. And as answer., you still have the option to report someone even if his statistics are hidden in game 👀 you just can't report it on steam. It's also sufficient to tell them your time of the match and the server you encountered the person on. They can locate him easily with these information as well. The asking for steam profile is mostly a convenience thing for them 🤣

  17. While they aren't common, there for sure are hackers out there. Been playing since beta and I've come across a few of them in my time. To flat out say they don't exist is just incorrect.

  18. Concertina campers while annoying don't bother me, but concertina campers that trash talk like that are the exception to being insulted lol

  19. Most of the recent hand crossbow skins look quite similar honestly.

  20. There's a full size crossbow skin that has showed as the newest trials reward for over a year. :/

  21. Eh. The difference is if you don't want to see politics, just don't go to

  22. You realize twitter is highly customizable to what you see on your feed right? I haven't seen a political post on my twitter feed in years, nor any posts or threads that have pandered to any sort of algorithm that pertains to my interests. Just friends and game/meme feeds I follow. It just sounds to me social media isn't for you.

  23. Well to turn it back to the original post, they said in a twab awhile back, I don't remember when, that they'd speak of the changes closer to the new season. They talked about the IB and Gambit changes 2 weeks before the new season, we still have 3 weeks or so before the new season, so I'd imagine they'll speak on it soon enough.

  24. There’s a box of them on a dock I ran into in the middle of the map, not sure which map. You press F to interact and they shoot off for about 15-30 seconds.

  25. Why though? I'd never sell my 2016 offerings, too many memories.

  26. Pretty sure it pulls the ammo from thin air, but it’s been awhile so I can’t say that with 100% certainty

  27. Nah, it pulls from reserves, says so on the perk.

  28. I've definitely seen the patrol npcs t-pose before. I've also ran around collecting BB's once and I loudly heard a "HELLO GUARDIAN" and it was a floating head of one of the npcs that's just standing around, or floating around in this case. Scared the shit out of me.

  29. Also have seen a floating head NPC in the Dreaming City, one of the patrol givers, before any of the Telesto stuff.

  30. Same, was probably over a year ago that it happened.

  31. I've never seen someone so vehemently certain about something they're wrong as fuck about lol

  32. I was genuinely tempted to try to post a relatively polite "yo, there are 2 ways of talking about weapons - [insert short explanation]" but his replies just kept going... and going... there is no hope.

  33. There's no reasoning with people that are here to put themselves on a throne thinking they're right on something.

  34. This is why I do seasonal exotic catty quests during the seasons they come out. Although at least now the catty boosts from the pass work on past season exotics now. Just not retroactively.

  35. Not exclusive to explosive crossbow, bullets will make dynamite or nades explode too if shot. But it also has to have the fuse lit, so you probably got killed by their teammate throwing something.

  36. If I fuse a grenade and hold in my hand and the guy shoots with his explosive crossbow , does it trigger the explosion ?

  37. I wanna say it has to leave your hand, but I've definitely shot at someone with a nade in their hand before they threw it and it blew them up. So it's not consistent.

  38. Long since patched. This clip is old, there's still primary ammo.

  39. "Don't smoke in your house folks." Fixed it for you.

  40. First shot you twitched left. Second shot you were off center over their right shoulder. Also he killed you at 15m, meaning you were nearly out of reliable range for the shotgun for both shots.

  41. posts video of 2 shots barely hitting the other player "How didn't that kill?!"

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