1. That makes sense but still leaves me with a question. Aren’t the stocks backing the tokens held by FTX. Wouldn’t that leave them in the same positions of having their assets potentially seized?

  2. FTX is recalling all of their shorts on their tokens. It's gonna be a blood bath tomorrow in the market.

  3. It is not the same as 2008, but high inflation might make it worse. I think the biggest drop is still to come…just like the graph shows. No one knows what prolonged high interest rates will do to a market trading at these current valuations. The housing market and car market are going to get crushed short term.

  4. We're still trading at the same level as 5 months ago and we've traded more above our current level than below. We've done this with multiple rate hikes and another hike coming soon.

  5. I think we're coming down. Right now we're running with the market and it's mostly controlled. If the shares were borrowed, we saw no increase in the borrow rate. If they did borrow, they can now buy them back on their own time. It will all be controlled till December.

  6. Thank you. Interesting.

  7. Dunno. Let's just say, I don't think that picture of Carl Ichan was directed at retail.

  8. We were supposed to run the day I called it to run. RC tweeted sex theme in support of the run. Nothing happened. We didn't run. After the coverage window, he tweets a picture of Carl. That picture at a minimum was saying "Carl knows."

  9. Not entirely confident the CPI will be promising. Fingers crossed

  10. It doesn't matter what CPI is. GME will run.

  11. Ive always appreciated your ideas bro. What are your thoughts on GME right now watching it bounce around all last week and this week with no big push?

  12. I just got done mapping out a normal distribution of price that I'll post. I'm slightly changing investing behavior. I'll post something when I can. Before the weekend ends.

  13. So the hypothesis of a run to 42ish in the interim is dead? You think it gets suppressed until early Dec?

  14. I don't know how much supression they can do with so little shares. If you look at the superstonk post claiming SPY being used as collateral. It's on the front page.

  15. Also they're Murdering IV today. It's down 21% on the weekly time frame.

  16. Next week. Holding short term till likely Friday

  17. Are you still waiting until EOD? I missed out on buying the morning dip

  18. I bought at 23.95 because the red candle was higher than the morning. They're hedging contracts right now. It will like drop back to 25 by EOD.

  19. Last year we dropped -15% in 2 days prior to covering.

  20. Just to add...volume is low which indicates they are in control. They are purposely pushing this up 8% and IV crushing at the same time. (Buying shares to deliver for swap cycle)

  21. How come the game is way past its release date? Why they picked the bulldogs and how come other better looking blockchain games are being released without many/ if any hiccups? Is the illuvium team not as well managed as those developers?

  22. It likely has to do with marketplace mechanics. I think they're waiting for Gamestop or Immutable for in game UI marketplace. Gods unchained seems to be waiting as well because their in game redirects you to external marketplace. This is just a guess though.

  23. Do you have a price target for the top of this anticipated run?

  24. See Nov 21. $30 if we're lucky, hopefully we'll see it during normal hours. Otherwise, we may see it drop back to $25 in AHs.

  25. Do you mean you're anticipating this run to be one of the most muted? Maxing out at 30 dollars after they are done covering does not sound that appealing haha

  26. Well I think they still have a week more to drop the price. So maybe like 23 to 30. That's a 30% gain.

  27. Please explain. Want to learn.

  28. IV goes up a lot when we run. It's a pretty good indicator of a run. Weekly IV went up 30%.

  29. Thank you. Guess ill buy more.

  30. IV tanked back down 30% when we hit 26 on GME. I exited on the IV tank.

  31. They don't ignore them. They borrow a share and fulfill the FTD. This past year we've seen the borrow rate spike before each run. They're paying a borrow fee to fill FTDs instead of actually filling them on time.

  32. my spy targets are 403 and 427 lol

  33. Do we think the downside for spy is over and it’s time to rip up to 500 EOY?

  34. My guess is up to 408 or somewhere near gap fill. Back down to 390. Then back up to gap fill.

  35. T+13 is next week Tuesday. Honestly it can be worrying when people can't even count T+13 only counting work days but want to beat hedge funds on the stock market.

  36. I've been back and forth between Friday and Tuesday. You sure they'll wait for forced buys on Tuesday which they have no control over? I think we'll see the price action Friday before they're forced.

  37. I think if there will be huge moves it will be T+35 because I expect MMs to have to take care of it not HFs.

  38. I would tend to agree. Sadly my Sept 9 calls do not and are down big after the IV crush.

  39. Exercised 2 calla today. Got 45 more to exercise as we keep going up.

  40. I don't think so. It doesn't seem to have any price spikes that match up with GME, BBBY, KOSS, or other similar stocks.

  41. It runs on 70 day cycles I think. It's not directly related but it's definitely in the same family. I had it on my list. There's some other odd ones too like Dicks sporting goods.

  42. Oh interesting, I haven't noticed that but thanks for sharing. I assume the jumps are also less violent, considering I can't really even notice the 70 day cycles when just glancing at their 2 year chart?

  43. You can see the 70 day cycle in the volume but not always the price.

  44. I bought 50 calls after the IV collapse. I'll be buying more tomorrow

  45. Looks like no OPEX but it does look like they are really winding up for a run. The Stoch indicator is at a 0.49. Any time it drops below 2, we seem to have a really big run in the next few weeks or at least some very nice upside.

  46. Hi Gandos, isn't the top for the 11/19 OPEX the 2nd top already? The first top was made on 3 Nov.

  47. Their obligations for that 2nd top would be strictly for GME. That 2nd top was created by BBBY gamma squeezing. They may have piggy backed their obligations to this date though so its hard to say.

  48. I just saw this post on another board. This guy seems to think no OPEX. What are your thoughts

  49. So I watch IV pretty much daily across all strikes, he says high IV. The IV for this run is really my only concern. It's low. Not super low. But within normal for GME only slightly elevated. I posted a SS of GME IV. IV can changed on a dime though so Monday IV could be way higher.

  50. What do you mean a trap for rc? A squeeze is a squeeze regardless of who is involved, no?

  51. Blame. He doesn't want blame. Lawsuits...etc. they've already filed SEC complaints against him.

  52. Thoughts on BBBY going back up again for OPEX?

  53. There was 2 quadrillion dollars in notional options value last week on BBBY. The price open at 10.92 last Monday. Closing today at around 11.00.