1. Amping that 40mm made it eat through metal, I’d go entire matches without getting out of my titan

  2. I was going to answer this. Tried the pump in contractor’s and was disappointed

  3. Not only that but the VR industry didn't even exist 10 years ago. The very idea of VR was just being played with 30 years ago. It's been amazing how fast this whole thing has grown.

  4. And now you can run it from your browser, crazy how much it’s come

  5. It doesn’t need steam workshop mod support. People make their own modding tools if the game is popular enough.

  6. Honestly I am most excited for the eventual VRChat port of Hogwarts modders will make. It’d be a ton of work going across engines, but dang it would be awesome in VR

  7. Depends on how the sound files format, if/how they're packed, reference system the game uses to look up files, etc.

  8. Isn’t it Unreal? It’d be crazy to use anything but the industry standard for audio format

  9. How was I supposed to fix my ipod that got thrown in the washing machine and had a groove cut into it by the drum?

  10. Daaaang, this one looks like it’s a lot of custom work

  11. Hardest part of getting into that game is that the device is difficult to keep stable when you crank a lot for me. I’m going to give it a few weeks to get more games and decide if I’ll return it from there, honestly.

  12. If you know someone with a 3D printer, this is an option:

  13. Thanks, I’ll check it out. Is there a specific one you’d recommend?

  14. I can’t suggest just one, but I did manage to get my list cut down in half. Here’s five free:

  15. Agree, it would be a great “play in 10 minute bursts” game

  16. Gameplay looks incredible, can’t wait to see what crazy things the community does with it 😆

  17. Even Toot! On iOS. It’s 3.99 but not a subscription like Ivory.

  18. You’re missing the part where no one checks if I’m Vladdy boy before I register the website. I can then host whatever I want there, including headers for Mastodon and so forth.

  19. So you do understand, you just disagree with how it should be done. That’s fine.

  20. More demo videos in my profile. To put it simply, a simple AI model I made "learned" what path tracing looks like and it reproduces it in the game based on the light sources and objects in the scene.

  21. Does it work with arbitrary materials, or do you have to train it for each? Awesome work too! Pretty mind blowing

  22. So… I have a paid membership to a site/company which produces their own original content, so that I may watch the content on their site. Now to do that, I need to wait, or purchase an additional subscription to a different service.

  23. What does the bill actually do and why is it good? The article gives a half sentence that doesn't explain a whole lot and then it's just quotes of different people saying it's great...

  24. The only maintenance I have to do is charge it once a month

  25. Scratch what I just said, if anyone asks from this point on I’m saying this LOL

  26. I actually assumed this was the explanation lol

  27. I think, if offered the chance to explore a cave full of giant hands with a glowing fish as my light source, I would have to decline.

  28. That ending ❤️ What a cute little story!

  29. Are people actually supporting him? I’ve only seen people condemn him.

  30. Same, even on that subreddit it’s pretty much all saying he has to go. And that was before the drag news!

  31. This is really good! I love the level summaries that

  32. Well, it uses a lot of "faking" such as the reflections inside of the viewfinder being a flat texture that uses a shader to map the camera image.

  33. People hate the thought of spending 75 bucks for a game they've been playing for years and years, yet will happily turn around and spend 20 bucks on a 2 hour movie ticket.

  34. What you’re saying is correct… for indie games.

  35. Yeah, what if you play an indie game for hundreds of hours and subscribe to their patreon for a year as a show of support? I don't think it makes you a rube.

  36. I’ve done that for games I wanted to play, I think it’s a great system

  37. Behaviour trees are another option and fairly easy to pick up after understanding state machines. Unreal engine has this new "state tree" thing which is a mix between a hierarchical finite state machine and a behaviour tree, been meaning to play with it in unreal as I think it'd be simple enough to reimplement for godot.

  38. There’s a nice behavior tree addon for godot:

  39. Quite a few things. Best known is when she + a group of hackers busted into the cloud service of Verdaka (secruity cam company) as admins and managed to get something like 5gbs of footage & photos, including inside tesla factories & and jails. also got some other info thru that (like cloudflare) and has done some smaller hacks, like mega source code. check her website, it's pretty cool

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