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  1. Idk about that. My dad is at the absolute top of his field, has headed multiple international business delegations with the presidents, PMs and many other ministers of not just india but also other nations. He’s the reason for the forming of many industry/business related laws and when you go brag about india being a business power internationally, remember it is my dad who was a major part of that.

  2. No matter how much features are given . Chappris like these will always misuse them fatally

  3. Freed..... They were the ones who had raped Bilkis Bano......Independence day pe chhoda gaya hai, by gourmint.... Unki aarti utaari gayi hai

  4. by the court though it is fucked up by vhp for offering them aarti

  5. The aarti indeed makes me question humanity

  6. Godra incident has really shocked minds of many hindus and riots shocked the minds of both hindus and muslims

  7. Gawar people like you who havent read a single page of history will say "education system is bad,blaa blaa blaa" its beyond your comprehension that text books are meant to teach good things to children and not demean characters.your simple mind cant get the idea that 200 pages of history book can't cover 10,000 years of history.if education system is so bad,why dont you write a book and teach it,lets see how perfect education system would you devise?

  8. "Meant to teach good things" are you fucking high huh there is no good or bad in history fucking chutman now doing whataboutism

  9. Ohh there's nothing good or bad in history is coming from a guy who is bashing characters from the history,what a jerk you are!

  10. Aside from this index . india is actually the best country for minorites many of the laws here are specially made or subjected to minorites . Just look at the govn controlled temples and free curches ,mosques there are so many examples

  11. It's take 65 years for polio vaccine trial and covidd vaccine made under 1 year, isliye covid vaccine safe nhi h. Jin bhi logon ne covidd vaccine lagaya h unhe health problems ho rahi h jinhe nahi hua 10 se 20 saal main ho jayega...

  12. s jaishankar is not a politican . I just hope nitin ji remains in cabinet and not a pm.Hah ab koi kehga ki uneducated ko banogae nahi nitin gadkari has a degree in maters of commerce but he is still doing some excellent work in infra but is he a capable administrator nah we need a strong-willed and a good administrator in role of pm . Nitin ji is good as a cabinet minister only not a good administrator . I can only bet on Yogi but he won't become one because how fucked modi has made bjp.

  13. I know about the district wise skill related policies in UP and that UP is expected to grow around 17% of its nominal gdp, but can you tell me more about why you feel yogi is a good leader I am interested hearing about him.

  14. Law and order is a big example . ups law and order situation was shit along with its communal riots but soon after yogi crime rate took a decline and up now has the lowest case of communal riots . only 1 communal riot took place in up in 2021 the lowest in india.

  15. What do you mean nothing in MOP? Desh ki cleanest cities MP me hai, top IT companies bhi hai, metro almost operational hai, Ujjain me Mahakal Lok dekho.

  16. Then why do mp people say that no work has been done by bjp and congress also mp has hardly any top it companies they literally do not have one functional metro while their neighbouring state has 3 functional metro and 2 already being built

  17. Indore and Bhopal were the only cities where BRTS was successful in India, so for a long time the cities didn't need metro, but now since people from neighbouring states are moving in, Metros are being built (almost completed).

  18. indore defintley is not superior that would be jaipur,coimbatore,lucknow,agra

  19. the british even further extended that gap made a even more dubious land system, fucked up the local textile industry and what not

  20. Why are you hating a language?? Hindi isnt that old either FYI.

  21. Dont bother....our ancestors cowardice is the reason the muslims ruled us for 800 years and the White man for 200 years...we will always be cowards.

  22. huh muslims ruled only the northern portion of india to be specific the indo-gangetic plain for that time . the vindhya and rajasthan along with south were not always under there 800 year old rule . Rajasthan itself has won its independece for numerous times in delhi sulatnate period alone , south also was reclaimed , the eastern ganga itself survived the whole sulatane period . The mughals failed to capture rajasthan until jahangir and then failed to gain stronghold on deccan. they lost their control on north-eats , punjab and awadh, bhundelkhand region very easily.

  23. What about unreported cases west bengal,jharkhand have a lot of unreported cases.

  24. Jeez are they a pain in the ass , but these dogs only bark in delhi they are automatically fixed in neighbouring states

  25. Ah yes reddit atheists . My guy religion has actually contributed so much to science just look at the islamic golden age,hinduism,the romans,greeks . Heck religion was not even the cause of most wars.

  26. Every action has equal and opposite reaction hence proved.

  27. IDK about bihar but bhundelkhand area, fathepur sikhri,agra fort,taj mahal,bara imabara . mathura,kashi,ayodhya ,parayagraj and so much more

  28. you literally forgot taj mahal,fathepur sikhri,kalinjar fort,agra fort

  29. India had 1/3 of the world population at that time too. Already gave you the source for that. If you want to bring empires into this then you have to compare Mauryan and Gupta gdp calculated using the same methodology, that why I said you are making this needlessly complicated. But you actually don't even need a source for that, the source of your 32% Indian gdp number is one study that is already based in this assumption that gdp was directly proportional to population in pre industrial times. So that means it assumes 32% popularion as well and derives the 32% gdp from that.

  30. not its not assumption my guy and also india did not had 1/3 rd the population the roman empire had a far bigger population than india and its not assumption india had the largest per capita . What bs are you talking everything just becomes assumption for you . if you are taking the comparsion country yes india had a larger pop but countries like italy,france ,germany,britan weren't an independent country up until the morden time instead they were ruled by a single empire . thus comparing empires are far more relevant

  31. I just gave you a source above that says that Europe + Africa + Middle East had a lower population than South Asia in 1 CE. If you have anything comparable to that then show me else we are talking in circles


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