1. This would be a great mellow corn ad. Chill, approachable, engaging.

  2. I'm willing to take any sponsorship deals.

  3. Jay's fan. The whiskey helped when they got walked off ten minutes after I posted this. :(

  4. Haha pretty much. Also added Mustard and a splash of pickle juice.

  5. Is it just me or has this been a slow deadline day?

  6. Totally just you. This has been the best one in years for the league

  7. Fair enough! Honestly didn't know how this compared to other years outside of the Soto trade.

  8. Should I still be putting money into my wealth simple RRSP? It's down over 15% currently and I'm trying to pay down my student debt right now.

  9. What's the interest rate on your student loans? I would say even if they're 0 (federal student loans rn), it would be worth paying them off faster because they are almost certainly going to be resuming interest rates come March 2023.

  10. Yes currently zero percent interest. I've been putting aside 600 a month into a HISA which I plan to use to pay down the loan before the interest free period ends.

  11. There is a long list of things to be fixed there.

  12. He is the Greek God of doing his own research.

  13. Awesome! I’m on my way to Boston now to rep the Jays for game 2 for my first ever Jays game (even if it is at Fenway). Really excited to see Manoah on the mound live!

  14. Oh man enjoy! I was at Fenway in 2016 and it was fantastic. Boston fans were extremely friendly and welcoming. We had a blast.

  15. I had always figured they'd be amongst the more dickish fans out there, that's good to know!

  16. Not in my experience. Everyone we talked with was very friendly and knowledgeable. Granted it was the final home series for Ortiz and they had already locked up a postseason spot, so maybe the mood was lighter than usual.

  17. Glad to see you here! Sounds like you have some great, achievable goals! Do you have a program you use, or are you just sticking to your physio's recommendations for now?

  18. I'm doing my second round of reddits ppl routine for the fitness sub as well a seperate set of physio exercises I do at a few times a week.

  19. I usually have my windows up and I blow out the cabin filter daily, not perfect but doing what I can for my lungs

  20. You can wear a resperator or a mask if you want

  21. I didn't go and I also didn't get covid. Not sure if that helps you.

  22. Don't apologize. Things are bleak right now and a lot of people, myself included, are upset with the way the team is going. People just need to vent.

  23. I don't know if y'all listen to Spin Rate, but whoo boy Drew and Kaitlyn took everything I've been screaming into the void and put it in a podcast

  24. I like Kaitlyn but I honestly can't stand the way drew talks.

  25. This is truly the lowest I've felt as a Flyers fan. Getting rid of both a crowd favorite and a locker room favorite is a gut punch.

  26. Unverified twitter account. This means nothing.

  27. Yeah I think I will. Just hard for me, a lot of my fat just gets stored in my face/neck before anywhere else (obviously can’t tell from the picture) so I always doubt myself.

  28. Fair enough! Your waist looks very lean tho so at 215 you're probably at a great bf% for a bulk.

  29. I would aim to be at the border before 8 am if possible. Better to have extra time in Seattle than be stuck at the border

  30. I would aim to be at the border before 8 am if possible. Better to have extra time in Seattle than be stuck at the border

  31. I didn't think I'd enjoy short stories until I read King. I'm a big fan of horror short stories and novellas now. All those I've read from King are top tier. He comes up with really great concepts.

  32. I read The Mist years ago as well as The Green Mile but since I'd seen the movies first it was hard to judge them alone as books. Those are two of my all time favorite movies and the books, especially the green mile felt like reading a screen play.

  33. I had the same experience with GG. I thought it would be tough to read, and uncomfortable, claustrophobic. But I ended up loving it. I agree the way he uses characters in her head as well as childhood memories really made it feel like there was a bigger cast. The flash back scenes to the lunar eclipse are also some of the best I've read from King. I really felt like I was experiencing her experiences.

  34. I would recommend tommyknockers. Its over long and could use some editing but it was just so fun for me. It's sort of like the extended version of the stand in the sense he just kept in every single idea and story line instead of having some brevity. Some times more is more tho.

  35. Is it worth linking my steps to MFP? I average around 10,000 steps a day between hiking my dog and working as a mechanic. Not sure if the calories are accurate however.

  36. Do you feel the need to eat a little bit more? If not, don’t bother.

  37. Don't bother eating or don't bother counting the steps?

  38. I just feel like if Im going to spend a lot of time and money I'd rather hedge my bets seeing a pitcher like gausman or Manoh. I'm not rolling in dough so I can't just go on a whim.

  39. Gausman and manoah lost their last starts, kikuchi and berrios won. The Jay's win or lose based on their ability to swing the bat.

  40. Anything can happen in any game and any pitcher can be good, great, or terrible in any start. But if you could choose which starter you got to see, how many people here do you think would pick Kikuchi?

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