1. I hate body hair so much. I need laser hair removal and I need it now

  2. Taking a look at some of your other posts, I realize that you're probably arguing in good faith, and I recognize that it's quite easy to reject what everyone here is saying, seeing as that things here have become hostile rather quickly, but it really is imperative that you put aside personal pride and listen. I'm sorry to tell you, but it seems like you've fallen for a lot of transphobic rhetoric. No one is denying differences between trans and cis women, there is no link between the lgbt community and pedophilia, and there are no pre-pubescent kids having any form of gender related surgery or even any gender related medical care. And neopronouns hurt no one, because the people using them are using them in good faith and are putting names and labels to their own personally defined identity that suits them. If you want to talk more and learn then I'm willing to explain more, but you do have to be fully aware that right now, you're repeating some very dangerous and transphobic rhetoric, and it's incredibly important that you learn why it's wrong.

  3. Calling attack helicopter jokes good faith and comparing trans people to hitler. Okay yeah I no longer believe you're making good faith arguments. Screw me for trying I guess. Gtfo truscum.

  4. That video is amazing. Truly my gender goals are making the planet explode

  5. Wait losing weight while on HRT? Is that an effect of HRT or the result of simultaneous exercise and/or dieting? Because I really want it to be the former, and the prospect makes me even more excited to go onto HRT. I'm in the process of seeking it out and it seems so close yet so far!

  6. The trans community is great at murder! Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  7. Both the hoodie and the dress are from the same online store, but the hoodie more specifically is from here

  8. It's a jacket, and also I got it from this website. I also ordered it recently myself so I'm excited to wear it. Not the dress though. Maybe one day though.

  9. Not me currently taking an introduction to programming class.

  10. Don't worry, Shadowbringers is an allegory for an eggshell cracking

  11. Ooh. I'm only about a third of the way through Stormblood at the moment so it'll be exciting to get to Shadowbringers.

  12. I'm fully aware that it's always okay to change labels and gender is a constant journey of self-discovery but I still fear confidently declaring myself as one thing and then immediately realizing I was wrong.

  13. I wish so badly I could pull something like that off

  14. There's a reason that glam is considered to be endgame

  15. I disagree that some of the stuff in this video is transphobic. I don’t see it. Just because he mentions how “manly man” Popeye is or how he made fun of the people responding attack helicopter to the gender thing I feel these are just jokes? I don’t see the transphobia there it could just be me. Take the part of the video where it shows the gender spectrum, he is not saying those people are not valid he is saying that the people who answered weaponized battle toaster were probably joking. I don’t see him saying they aren’t valid?

  16. MatPat is most definitely not transphobic. He's certainly made stumbles, as any socially awkward cishet guy would, but most of the stuff from this video is either out of context or from pretty old videos. However, it also neglects to mention the very pro-LGBT video he made back in the day about drag in video games, that really did a lot to discuss the very homophobic and transphobic state of the gaming landscape at the time. I'd highly recommend giving it a watch honestly.

  17. That's definitely where I am lol. At the very least it's a definitive no on being cis

  18. Giovani potage will always be best dad of epithet erased. Hands down. F'ing wish he was old enough to adopt molly cause she deserves better and now I'm crying.

  19. I don't wanna spoil anything, but by chance have you read/listened to the audiobook for the follow up Epithet Erased: Prison of Plastic?

  20. It is!! It came out like last month and it's so good!

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