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  1. He’s just happy he’s getting free exposure from all this lol

  2. seen here and besides I'm just making a joke about how some people make claims of copying just because there content is similar

  3. It’s a terrible one what are you talking about

  4. Sorry to hear about your dyslexia. I still recommend adding punctuation when you finish an idea. Then when a dyslexia problem happens, your readers still have a chance to understand you.

  5. Well thank you Mr. Extreme I’ll make note of it.


  7. I like pee, i have pee fetish. Please pee in my butt please uwu

  8. Drew danger gooden he said once danger is my middle name

  9. No foot room? I would like to see your feets look. They might be the longest in the world.

  10. Lmao yeah he doesn’t have a to but a place to put his cozy pop room where would the urinal go

  11. Interesting, I don't see an image.

  12. I sorry can you get YouTube Premium to see the video

  13. ooooh, I bought Spotify Premium, no wonder why I couldn't see it.

  14. Hey just use YouTube Music not stupid Spotify

  15. Мне жаль, что я не слышу тебя о стонах твоей тети Сьюзен

  16. Мужик твоя тетя Сьюзен и только что имел секс втроем со своей мамой

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