1. I don’t know if this is meant to be derogatory, sarcasm or helpful but I ended up here because one of your own isn’t cutting it for me. I’m not liking their proposals and can’t/won’t blindly pay for something I don’t like just because someone says it is what I need. If the campaign flops I seriously doubt they will make it right by doing it over or reimbursing me. Maybe my budget of $10k is too small and they really don’t care about my measly account, if so I need to know that too.

  2. Uh, nope. There's a person who posts a lot who does really excellent stuff mostly for weed, but I think I've seen maybe cheese too? Apple juice? Mostly in an etching style. Anyway, I thought someone might know who they are 'cuz I can't remember their name. Just thought their style would suit what you're after.

  3. okay! i’ve done that before but frogged it because it didn’t look right. another question, am I supposed to be turning my work at the end of every round? i’m making a scarf, if that helps

  4. Can you tell us the name of the pattern? Or does it have a chart you can show us? Maybe we can tell you what's going wrong.

  5. It might be that Europe focuses almost exclusively on ply and grist (length of fiber per x weight) this is far more accurate than the very generic weights previously used. And makes selecting alternate yarns for a project easier.

  6. How does that work? I've used 1ply yarns that are worsted and 1ply yarns that are fingering, so you couldn't substitute them for each other.

  7. That totally does help explain the weight (which is something I kinda already look at 'cuz I like "light" wool yarns) and makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

  8. Squarespace with shopify buy button and a bunch of custom code. Could be better, could be worse.

  9. Really like that Idle Hour branding. It stands out from other book stores but still feels cozy.

  10. Man, I would absolutely refuse to be embarrassed. I would continue to use the work bathroom and if they bring it up again I would question them. "Oh you say my pee smells? Hm, i had asparagus twice this week, was it like that or more like ammonia? 'Cuz sometimes early keto can have that affect...." and just keep going into the minutiae of keto, with an affable smile on my face. This will bore, annoy and embarrass them all at the same time. THEN I would ask my coworkers, on the floor in front of everybody, "hey, Manager said you were commenting about how my pee smelled?" and then launch into the whole thing again. People that talk behind other's backs hate when you straight up ask them if they said a thing.

  11. Avocado with veg, oil, vin, s&p, oregano, and hot sauce.

  12. I got mine from Forever 21 I wanna say 2 or 3 years ago. Def before covid.

  13. Antipasto salad: greens, cucumber, celery, cubes of salami, roasted peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, olives, green onion ('cuz I can't just not have onion) Parmesan grated on top. Dressing:

  14. Chopped with persian cucumbers, dressed with rice vinegar, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

  15. Learn to watercolor, it's really fun and relaxing. Or knitting/crochet which has the same qualities. Plus, I find keeping my hands busy keeps my mind off food or other nervous habits.

  16. Not helpful to your question, but why don't you make your own food?

  17. Not dippable, but a pair of runny eggs are delicious over wilted spinach or chopped kale. Broccoli works too, if you have the carb budget.

  18. Was coming here to say this. I trade off between spinach wilted down with garlic or fresh arugula dressed with lemon, evoo, s and p. Yum

  19. Don’t recommend people to buy from shein! They’re problematic in so many ways.

  20. Sure, seek out ethically made clothes, but Shein isn't different from Target (or Saks for that matter.) It's all made by exploited or enslaved workers.

  21. Well, not every big brand is going to be unethical and unsustainable. First off, Shein is pretty different from Target and Walmart. Target and Walmart either buy clothes from brands and sell them, like a department store, or make their own clothes under one of their lines. Shein gets note of a trend, and has cheap factories make it. These factories

  22. Can I ask what Micro is? I swear I googled it -nothing's coming up.

  23. Depends on what I'm cooking. Eggs usually get cooked in lotsa butter, broccoli and zuke gets steam-glazed in butter, butterflied chicken breast gets cooked in olive oil, as does mirepoix when I'm starting a soup. I use olive oil even with asian recipes 'cuz I don't notice a taste difference and it's so ding dang good for you. Bacon, ground beef and chicken thighs just cook in their own fat.

  24. Alpaca is warm. It's also more drapey than wool, so I'd be worried about the bralette not holding it's shape too well. Though maybe 25% wouldn't be enough to cause havoc.

  25. We'v gotten taller since the generation that would have been adults in the 80's. With Kibbe's system if you're above certain height you can only be one of three IDs . If you're tall, you're not "Fleshy (unless ultra-thin)....through the bust" or you're not "broad....tend toward musculature. Bust and hips.... flat or straight", what are you gonna be?

  26. I think the last pair are pretty cute on you. They go with the shoes really well too!

  27. It's crazy!I swear I was lactose intolerant before and now I eat dairy everyday no problem. I can't explain it.

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