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  1. I wish All People had Common Sense and Abstract Thinking Training and eventually Mastering. This world is “Fear Factory Earth!!!” Great Quote ❣️🙏👍💪🏽🫡😎. I often wonder what a world that mastered simple truth’s would be like. Most Assuredly “Better Than Here”. I remember another quote I heard years ago I kept filed for reminders of life on Earth. It said;……..

  2. I just had a look at your profile. Wanker, you are one load your mother should have swallowed. Are you that kid that had to repeat kindergarten 3 years running? Fucking pantie stain. Your self-importance is hilariously tragic.

  3. I vote FAKE. Humming birds are too lightweight to uphold muscle and fat of a weasel.

  4. Can someone dumb it down for me? Heard the saying before but never made sense of it

  5. If this is natural there should be 100s of other ‘natural’ formations that look like this one. Does anyone have links to other examples of this ‘natural’ phenomenon?

  6. Yeah, like Brimham Rocks.


  8. Imagine stepping on that in the dead of the night when you gotta take a piss.

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