1. I didn't realize that until you pointed it out

  2. I'm dumb, please explain the punchline. What does this have to do with Iraq?

  3. It's not an explosive, it's just a power bank. Unless you're referring to the li-ion battery which could be explosive if mishandled.

  4. im doing okay with karma plz downvote

  5. To me i think the heart of the debate isn’t what people think it is. Everyone is arguing about power but let’s be honest neither side really cares about that. If you’re on the cob side most of the time its not really because you think its Stronger but rather because it just FEELS so much stronger and cooler: it fires a huge fucking corn missile that explodes on impact dealing MASSIVE damage in a whole 3x3 area. It doesn’t matter that banana launcher deals more dps overall because it feels so fucking underwhelming (because of the animation for the explosion, the imediate damage and the lackluster aoe) whereas cob instantly obliterates shit and that’s awesome to you. Ultimately that’s a pretty interesting design lesson: people dont like stuff because its good, they like it because it feels good. On the banana side you mostly find people that like the whole funny crazy banana aesthetic. Doesn’t really matter to them that cob had a legitimate place in the pvz1 meta (endless) whereas banana has been looking for a spot for many years now, because they really like the personnality of banana. Again, it’s not really about how good the plant actually is if were being honest. That is why i personally stopped giving an f about this debate a long time ago: both plants are where they are in terms of viability (and it’s not particularly meaningful to compare the two considering cob was made for a game that doesn’t exist anymore and nana was not made to work in the first game either) and i like both of them casually.

  6. Then he bananaed all over the zombies. Truly one of the moments.

  7. I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm 85% sure Hitler wasn't an atheist.

  8. You got the general concept correct. The boxea look distorted because all three of your vanishing points are too close to the center.

  9. If only a subreddit like that existed. Oh wait it's called

  10. Yknow what they say about a lie of omission, kirie is still knowingly deceiving max. Besides we still don't know if kirie is definitively the good guy. Going by your logic, we should kill kirie too. She's also a cube that could destroy the world, or at least kill countless people with her powers. And we still do not actually know that kirie is even half human, cubes can make perfect bodies identical to humans. She does sort of have an obligation to tell max when she acts like a savior of humanity from the cubes.

  11. I thought it was obvious. She wanted revenge for what the cubes did to her.

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