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  1. And the Yakuza are a lot more reasonable and you could either negotiate with them or at least have a swift death

  2. You clearly have never heard about what they did to Junko Furuta.

  3. They were connected to the Yakuza and the Yakuza threatened to kill the parents if they tried to save her

  4. Quoting me three times in a row with no context or message, good job on making 0 points.

  5. Fance can protest by having more children. Like a fertility of 5 is guaranteed to reduce pension age instead of raising it.

  6. I like how it literally says “This is not just about retirement, it’s about everything” and you respond by mentioning the birth rate which is a symptom of the issues they’re talking about.

  7. They may not have a specific threat, but they review it every six months and the change is as a result of the gun attack on the police officer a while ago

  8. What do you mean? The police organised the shooting of the policeman?

  9. Four Protestant men arrested over New IRA’s attempted murder of top cop John Caldwell

  10. Joel Ojeda should be immediately fired and investigated for fight fixing.

  11. Problem is Chito really didn’t have a convincing round.

  12. Round 5 was his best and he used illegal upkicks to get back to his feet and prevent Cory from establishing position multiple times

  13. Chito is a cheating POS and Dan Miragliotta is a terrible ref and judge

  14. Alex Perez has had 1 fight and 9 canceled bouts since he fought for the title in 2020

  15. Should be noted that only 4 were on him and not all 9

  16. I can't believe it. Those live odds must have been juicy

  17. Amazing that they can discern race from a 20,000 year old footprint

  18. Killing a child rapist really isn’t a moral conundrum

  19. I’d sooner kill myself if my mum and gran both died suddenly, rather than even think about sex

  20. I believe they’re still affiliated with paradigm

  21. Yeah, because shipping him off to the Wall is that much more prestigious

  22. I’m pretty sure it’s more about forcing Sam to man up and removing him as a claimant rather than prestige.

  23. Then he would have accepted Sam being a maester as they also renounce any claims to titles.

  24. It’s not as strong though, the Citadel isn’t decapitating deserters like the watch.

  25. He said biological males shouldn’t be in woman’s prisons and not the other way around

  26. Don’t let people gaslight you into accepting yourself as you are because it’s nothing but virtue signalling by them.

  27. Well first of all women can receive head so jot that down

  28. Why are you bothering to comment if you don’t understand the context?

  29. I do understand the context. Again, why are you so upset over someone race swapping art of a fictional character?

  30. Oh and also, it’s not about race swapping at all, it’s the bitching about race swapping. So you can keep asking that question as if it’s some golden “gotcha” while ignoring the context of me being frustrated with baby fans crying because a singular picture on a trading card isn’t what they want the character to be

  31. So you’re upset at the race swapping because it’s race swapping a race swap. Gotcha

  32. You literally only said Parent, Child, Sibling, Grandparent

  33. “I explained that incest is quantified as being between close relatives because the 10% you claim includes 2nd cousins.”

  34. Yes, a society that had incest as the norm would die quickly.

  35. Indentured status doesn't pass down to the offspring.

  36. That’s not a requirement for slavery and chattel slavery isn’t the only form of slavery

  37. You're correct, but one reason we're specific about it (speaking as an Irish person) is because some people have used this part of history in an attempt to diminish the harm done to Black people by chattel slavery in America, citing 'well the Irish were slaves too'.

  38. Because the American definition of gender isn’t the same where I’m from and you literally can’t switch them or be non binary.

  39. Friendly reminder that the nuance between "people of color" and "colored people" is lost on many non-native (and for that matter non-American) English speakers. Please be patient with us in the comments.

  40. Its literally the same thing, they just changed it slightly to make the racism more digestible.

  41. Romania is corrupt as fuck and theres no proofs yet surfaced so ur thinking is same as all dumb people

  42. Lol, he literally said he was in Romania because of the corruption and lax rape laws, yet he can’t pay his way out of jail there.

  43. He must have just been keeping their passports safe

  44. Marlene cared about Anna. Her sacrifice in the situation is that of her values and breaking a promise to her dead friend.

  45. Marlene didn't know Ellie, it's Anna she feels like badly for betraying.

  46. Ellie deserves to live her life for herself and Joel was right to do what he did.

  47. What a ridiculous opinion, clearly drugging a child without their knowledge or consent to harvest their brain without their knowledge or consent, is the right thing to do.

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