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  1. I love the RPG. Whenever I’m doing shitty and reached the point of fuck it, I just start blasting.

  2. The most satisfying kills in the entire game

  3. Only to hear the poor souls rage on the death comms. The other day me and another player got into a duel lol. Kept running into each other with the rpgs.

  4. Haha, I was playing a game of search and me and a guy kept going to the same spot to duel with the RPGs.

  5. We can retire So Hard after all this👍

  6. I love the monster this saga and Wall Street has created, they really fucked up. Sure you can get away with all your financial crimes when no one is paying attention. All they had to do was let the stock hit $1000 and almost everyone would’ve sold.

  7. 😂 I’m thinking Brady could still out run him 😂

  8. I mean, baby yoda, would be okay if we’re looking at it being a possibility that Grogu is Yodas son. We don’t know the gestational length of Yodas species, for all we know it could be hundreds of years given how long they live. We’ve never seen any other members of Yodas species except for him and yaddle.

  9. so luke is ok to be called baby anakin? boba can be called baby jango? did you not read till the end of my comment?

  10. Lmao I won’t lie I was like half awake, going back and reading it now you’re right lmao you said the same thing.

  11. This how our twin siblings Leo and Luna are, they’re absolutely in love with each other.

  12. Well worth the money. Destroying enemies risk free is the best way to do it.

  13. It literally equals $14 per month for each American. If you can’t really support destroying our largest geopolitical rival for 100 years, while costing no American lives, idk what to tell you lmao.

  14. I also swallowed a quarter when I was 11 lmao

  15. Forbes is the new McGruff, here to take a bite out of financial crime.

  16. Ehhh, the cave paintings in Europe used the actual rock face to make the objects appear three dimensional. Upon leaving the painted caves at Lascaux, Pablo Picasso remarked “We have learned nothing in twelve thousand years.”

  17. Tamed big cates are not so rare, you can easily find in some asian countries and in rich arab dudes enclosures, some parks do raise them to be tourist attractions. These cats can't survive in the wild.

  18. Look if I die after being able to pet a lion up close like that I consider it a worthwhile trade off.

  19. I am okay with this being how I die. That lion is sooooooo sweet.

  20. Yup, there was a time when they could’ve gotten away with this. Not anymore, fuck around and find out.

  21. Markets Red and we’re green 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  22. Come get your NFT Party on! NFT weekend is now live!

  23. Who securitized the galaxy and how can i get in on that?

  24. Lmao he’s already gotten a call from legal telling him “nope, absolutely not, Ryan you can’t post this”

  25. Can’t wait till you hear about the views of those fighting them.

  26. Exactly the Saudis are committing genocide in Yemen

  27. How many times do we have to learn the lesson that we can meme things into reality lmao

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