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  1. if i saw someone wearing that i would punch them in the throat

  2. Difference is English is my 2nd language and that guy has probably spoke english his entire life

  3. My guy you are losing every battle you are picking just be quiet

  4. Sekiro is by far the best souls game, in my opinion its better than Elden ring

  5. Somewhere in Trinidad or Jamaica

  6. No, hes shite and needs to leave the club as soon as posibble

  7. If you browsed through game pass and thought nothing was good then you just didnt give the good games a chance cuz thats just not true

  8. Im from a illegal country so idk the strain

  9. Looks alright lmao, could of taken it out the bag for a better pic, but overall the only way to know is to smoke... Smoke up and see.

  10. I play for the exploration. I’ll play a competitive pvp game if I’m looking for an actual challenge. There are much harder games out there. Soloing a destiny 2 dungeon without dying was harder than the entirety of elden ring.

  11. Just because you play for exploration doesn't mean you should cheese and try to avoid the rest of the game

  12. Nah, it’s fromsofts fault for letting me cheese the game. You should blame them instead. I’m just using what the game wants me to use. Should have made the bosses harder🤷

  13. Im not blaming anyone im just saying your worsening your own experience

  14. Maybe shrooms or lsd but nothing more extreme than that

  15. Nogle strains du kan anbefale derfra?

  16. tror ikke jeg er den bedste person at spørge fordi jeg ryger stortset aldrig cbd uden at blande det med thc. køber kun fra justbob fordi det er billigere

  17. Godt i nogen boder dårligt i andre

  18. idk, but is it really worth the risk

  19. Cant change ash of war and i run a melee build with like 8 faith

  20. I dont know but i ate a pack one time and didnt get high at all

  21. Perfect blue kan anbefales selv hvis du ikke er til anime/tegnefilm

  22. You should probaly throw it in a fire

  23. You can get pretty decent weed, i reccomend buying from the guys to the right of the main entrnce

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